Flatiron welcomes Griefs and tha Ruger does Fanantics

by Heather MacIntyre

The former lead guitarist of the Greenhornes, Eric Stein, is now a part of a Euro-trash band from Ohio called the Griefs ( Friday night, they will be playing at the Flatiron ( downtown.

The Griefs present a psychadelic-garage rock with influences from the Kinks, the Who and a hint of the Beatles (on acid). Recently, they put out a new album, Throwing A Tempo Tantrum, on Spoonful Records, which you can listen to and purchase at the show. Their live show is loud and thrashing. After mastering selling out shows in their home region, they are off to master the East Coast – let’s give them a try.


Just in case you haven’t had a chance to check out what’s going on with Ed E. Ruger lately, it’s all about ending the weekend big. On Sunday nights, Ed E. has been hosting a concert/dollar-shot special and we still have a few weeks left. On Sunday the event is going to be held at Fanatics (328 Tate St., Greensboro; across from NY Pizza near UNCG). And we know it wouldn’t be a party if he didn’t include his friends in performances: William Zaybiane (AKA “Will Zay”), Tenacious, Medic, Ty Bru and DJ Phillie Phresh mixin’ it up. This is a great 18+ opportunity to support Triad hip-hop artists as they collaborate live for you. The following Sunday they are doing it again with some names you might not be as familiar with: Ethemadassassin, Fortified, AKA, URL, Xenrockk & Imagery and Poe Mach. I have a hint: I bet some form of the soon-to-be released Brown Bag Vol. 1 might be caught live. Keep your ears open for it, and check out Fanatics at


I’m not sure exactly how the Lincoln Theatre ( in Raleigh plans to live through the metal that Tuesday night has planned, but I know I’ll be there for it. Are you a metalhead? Do you like your music loud, fast, epic and coming out of venue speakers at such a ridiculous arrangement (or lack there of) you think your head might explode if you try and keep time? What about eighties heavy-metal vocals? Hair longer than your girlfriend’s, whipping in circles on stage so fast that you’re sure it gives power to the performance of the guitars? Good news: You’ll enjoy the Sword ( These notoriously technical riffing metalheads are touring with Robotic Empire’s stoner-metal touring pals: Torche (, and Philly’s Stinking Lizaveta ( The show is going to be loud, bring ear plugs and I’m sure you’ll still enjoy it just fine.