Following the money: GSO council district races

by Jordan Green

District 1

Dianne Bellamy-Small

No reported campaign contributions

Tonya Clinkscale

Top contributors, by employer:

1. Stein Mart ($300)

2. NC General Assembly (Pricey Harrison) ($200)

3. Badi Ali, self-employed ($100)

4. Jerry Clinkscale, self-employed ($50)

Retail: 30.6 percent

Law firm: 21.8 percent

Loan: 15.3 percent

Group home: 10.9 percent

Other: 21.4 percent

Total: $918

$300: Tiffany Lee, Stein Mart

District 2

Lance Jones

No reported campaign contributions

Goldie Wells

Top contributors, by employer:

1. Greater Deliverance Church of God in Christ ($1,000)

2. Evangel Fellowship Church of God in Christ ($500)

3. Moses Cone Health System ($200)

4. Wake Forest University ($150)

5. Steve Bowden law firm ($150)

Church: 38.1 percent

Education: 7.9 percent

Healthcare: 6.7 percent

Government: 3.6 percent

Other: 43.7 percent

Total: $4,458

$1,000: Rev. Vicurtis Little, Greater Deliverance Church of God in Christ

$500: Otis Lockett, Evangel Fellowship Church of God in Christ

District 3

Zack Matheny

Top contributors, by employer:

1. Alliance Commercial Properties ($3,050)

2. Mega Builders ($2,000)

3. Lorillard Tobacco ($1,800)

4. Smith Moore law firm ($1,525)

5. Steven D. Bell & Co. ($1,500)

Real estate/development: 38.3 percent

Law firms: 15.0 percent

Tobacco: 5.2 percent

Banking and investment: 4.0 percent

Other: 37.5 percent

Total: $34,615

$1,000: Joseph A. McKinney Jr., Mega Builders; Brantley E. White, Alliance Commercial Properties; Michael P. Winstead Jr., Mega Builders

$950: Michael J. Shannon, Lorillard Tobacco

$500: Frank Auman, developer; George W. Aycock, Coletrane, Aycock and Overfield; Scott Bayer; Ryan Jackson Properties; Jonathan M. Baynes, Xpedx Custom Retail Solutions; Jonathan D. Bell, Steven D. Bell & Co.; Charles K. Blackmon, lawyer; Spence H. Broadhurst, SunTrust; Chester H. Brown III, Brown Investment Properties; Drew Brown, lawyer; Justin C. Conrad, Libby Hill Seafood; William B. Hayes, Laboratory Corporation of America; Rani Hussami, developer; Richard Jones, the Benefits Group; George H. Jordan, Miles Talbott Furniture; Arthur Samet, Samet Corp.; Allen R. Sharpe, Sterling Real Estate & Development; Dwight Stone, D. Stone Builders; Thomas L. White, Alliance Commercial Properties; Thomas L. White Jr., Alliance Commercial Properties

$300: Bradley T. Lowe; Richard A. Montana, Alliance Commercial Properties

$250: Derek J. Allen, Brooks Pierce law firm; Alexander Audilet, Smith Moore law firm; Evan Durant Bell, Steven D. Bell & Co.; Steven D. Bell, Steven D. Bell & Co.; James A. Black, Alliance Commercial Properties; Harden Blackwell, Terminix; H. Burns Blackwell, Terminix; Carole W. Bruce, Smith Moore law firm; Jennifer V. Cross, Smith Moore law firm; Bradford J. Deaton, Land Use Strategies; Bradley F. Field, Piedmont Land & Timber; George Wayne Garris; Marsha Glazman; Kevin Gesse, Syngenta; Charles T. Hagan III, Hagan Davis law firm; Lynn Haley; Gregory G. Holland, Smith Moore law firm; Ricky L. Hopkins, Alliance Commercial Properties; Michael S. Kelly, Depuy; Harold M. Kern III, Brown Investment Properties; Robert Kidwell, Smith Moore law firm; Stephen Klee, Smith Moore law firm; Kurt W. Kronenfeld, Senn Dunn; John Lomax, Lomax Construction; Gray McCaskill, Senn Dunn; Frank R. Mellon; Charles E. Melvin Jr., Smith Moore law firm; James Thomas Melvin, Lomax Construction; Jim Melvin, Joseph M. Bryan Foundation; Susan Melvin; Michael Murray, Sierra West; Scott Neff, Quintiles; Ronald B. Nelson, Twin City Management; Jeffrey E. Oleynik, Brooks Pierce law firm; Jim W. Phillips, Brooks Pierce law firm; Dennis Quaintance, Quaintance-Weaver; George Ragsdale, Bank of North Carolina; Mark P. Reynolds, MPR Properties; Timothy Rice, Moses Cone Health System; Edward Sartin; Randy B. Spell, Lorillard Tobacco; John H. Stratton III; Benjamin W. Sydnor, Wachovia; Charles P. Truby Jr., CPT Engineering; Harrison Turner III, Greensboro Dermatology Associates; Jesse H. Washburn, Morrisette Paper; Preston R. Young, Carruthers & Roth law firm

Joe Wilson

Loan: 64.6 percent

Real estate/development: 14.5 percent

Vending machines: 8.1 percent

Medicine: 6.5 percent

Other: 6.3 percent

Total: $6,190

$600: Jerone D. Pearson, developer

$500: Fred Ayers Jr., Colonial Vending

$340: Terry Miller

$250: Joe Guarino, doctor

District 4

Mike Barber

Real estate/development: 76.7 percent

Law firm: 16.7 percent

Other: 6.7 percent

$500: Michael Murray, developer

$300: Jerone Pearson, developer

$250: Wiley A. Sykes III, developer; Charles Melvin, Smith Moore

Total: $1,500

David Crawford

No reported campaign contributions

District 5

Sandy Carmany

Top contributors, by employer:

1. Koury Corp. ($700)

2. Merrill Lynch ($250)

3. Isaacson law firm ($200)

Real estate/development: 30.9 percent

Law firms: 10.3 percent

Investment: 8.6 percent

Other: 50.2 percent

Total: $2,912

$250: William Hemphill; Mark E. Hyman, dentist; Thomas Winston Jones; Tom Phillips, Merrill Lynch

Trudy Wade

Top contributors, by employer:

1. Mega Builders ($500)

2. Junket Tours ($300)

3. Windsor Investments ($200)

4. Marilyn’s International Model & Talent Agency ($200)

Loans: 48.3 percent

Real estate/development: 14.9 percent

Travel agency: 4.8 percent

Modeling agency: 3.2 percent

Other: 28.8 percent

Total: $6,215

$500: Betty B. Petty

$300: Teddy Welborn, Junket Tours

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