Food Truck Junction at North Carolina A&T State University feeds more than students

by YES! Weekly staff

By Raven DavisYES! Weekly@raedee_Finding a food truck on the corner of many metropolitan cities in America is fairly easy or has become the new norm.

North Carolina A&T State University recently adopted the phenomenon. The Food Truck Junction, nestled along East Lindsay Street on the school’s campus, has been a hit since it began operating in August 2014.

The university looked to food trucks as a new food option for students and faculty because many of the school’s food options were unavailable due to the construction of a new student union.

The Food Truck Junction is currently equipped with a large tent for customers to sit and enjoy their food along with eight alternating food trucks.

Sweet Cold Treats, located in the corner of the Food Truck Junction with a yellow and red banner stretched around the front, is a campus favorite.

Owner Barrington Riddick says he is no chef, but just “a country young man that cooks good food and got into entrepreneurship at the age of 19.”

The name of the mobile restaurant usually describes what they sell, but Sweet Cold Treats is the exact opposite, currently selling warm, deep fried treats instead.

Sweet Cold Treats sells Philadelphia Water Ice during the warmer months, which is a brand of ice cream, but their current menu offers southern deep fried fish, jumbo shrimp, chicken tenders, seasoned fries, and the menu favorite “full flavored” strawberry lemonade.

I decided to go with the All Around the World to get a taste of everything. This dish featured the jumbo shrimp, chicken tenders, seasoned fries and fried fish.

I watched as the workers inside of the trucked filled cup after cup of the popular strawberry lemonade, preparing for the lunch rush.

After finishing my lunch I had to agree with Barrington that the jumbo shrimp was my favorite. The plump shrimp was very tender with a spicy crisp batter that gave it a Cajun taste. It made me reconsider dousing the shrimp in the hot sauce offered at a small table next to the truck, along with ranch, ketchup and other condiments, before tasting them.

Barrington has been a vendor at A&T for nine years and has participated in other events at the University, as well as other schools in the Triad area including UNCG and Winston-Salem State University. And he admits “Currently filling the void and providing food to the campus is doing very well (for me) on the business side.”

Barrington’s happiness stems from the students and staff members, but he does welcome Greensboro locals to come out and support the food trucks.

Food truck enthusiasts can keep up with their favorite truck in the Junction through the school’s dinning account @Aggie_Dining on Twitter. !


Sweet Cold Treats is located on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University at 1600 East Market Street in Greensboro. They can be found in the Food Truck Junction on East Lindsay Street, Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.