Food, glorious food

Pierre Deschamps’ documentary feature debut, Noma: My Perfect Storm, is a ringing endorsement for Noma, the Scandinavian restaurant hailed as the world’s greatest.

Every ingredient to its recipe of success, courtesy master chef Rene Redzepi, is covered in glowing, appetizing detail – photographed by slick, sleek fashion (by Deschamps) and accompanied by the sort of chorale music usually reserved for coronations.

Attempting, often unsuccessfully, to ascribe Deep Meaning to the picturesque proceedings, Deschamps offers the rags-to-riches tale of Redzepi as told by family, friends, and Redzepi himself. Diehard culinary cultists may glean some inspiration or inspiration from Noma, but this is pretty thin material any way you slice it (get it?). An outbreak of norovirus (i.e. food poisoning) in 2013 is simply to swallow.

another hurdle to overcome in the quest to be the best.

Redzepi, never at a loss for words, regards the mere idea of a “world’s greatest restaurant” as “a joke.” Prior to that he makes an even more relevant statement: “Who cares?” That’s not the exact way he phrases it, but one is hard-pressed to argue in any event. Noma looks like a nice place to dine, but warranting a full-length documentary is tough

Noma: My Perfect Storm opens Friday !

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