Forecast: A look at what to do

by Ryan Snyder

What’s old is new again at Elliott’s Revue It always seems a little unusual, yet somewhat refreshing, when you come across teenagers who are deeply rooted in ’60s and ’70s music lore. After all, aren’t the younger ones historically supposed to be on the cutting edge of every musical trend and fad? It looks like someone didn’t tell that to the Lonely H (, a Port Angeles, Wash. quartet just out high school who almost sound like a classic-rock cover band. That is to say, if all of their songs weren’t originals. They wear their Beatles, Stones and Queen influences on their silk sleeves with grooves that harken back to the distinctly riff-heavy experience that encapsulated that particular era. You might be immediately reminded of the more contemporary Kings of Leon in both appearance and musical style. The band kicked off their winter tour in late October and will be hitting Elliott’s Revue in Winston-Salem on Thursday. Check out their MySpace site for a great tune called “Going Out West.” It’s not a cover of the Tom Waits classic of the same name, but rocking nonetheless. Admission is free and the show starts around 8 p.m. So if you still needed a reason to check out one of the cooler music venues in the Triad, here it is. Sweet! King of ’90s power-pop comes to NC If you’re anything like me, then you most likely have Matthew Sweet (www. to thank for your introduction to anime. I’m not talking about the cartoons imported from Japan and sloppily dubbed in English, Voltron and Transformers for instance, but the really obscure stuff that was/was almost inappropriate viewing for minors. I remember seeing the music video for his first (and probably biggest) commercial hit, “Girlfriend,” on MTV sometime in 1991 and was blown away. I was about 10-years old at the time and had never before seen anything as cool as the scenes from “Space Adventure Cobra” that Sweet used as a backdrop for the song. I actually had to depend on the fine reporting of Kurt Loder to know what I was even watching, since public availability of the internet was still just a twinkle in Al Gore’s eye. Thanks to Sweet’s still-awesome single, a whole world of fantastic storytelling was opened up. I dabbled in Akira and early Adult Swim shows since then, but I’ve grown up and anime just doesn’t have the same appeal to me (ahem). Matthew Sweet does, however, and you can catch him at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro on Friday. He has purposely kept his albums a little bit under the radar since his debut, but he’s still the same great songwriter and musician that he was in 1991. He’s currently touring in support of his latest album, Sunshine Lies, a sweetly melodic, yet hard-rocking offering in classic Sweet style. Alabama’s the Bridges ( will open in support. Tickets are $18 in advance and $20 on the day of the show. Hootenanny at the Green Bean If you’d rather have something a little more local to do this Friday and want to give that buttoned-up, turn-of-the-century costume that you wore on Halloween another spin, the Green Bean might have just the thing. That old-time music will be coming back in a big way, with a contemporary spin of course, through two bands with markedly similar sounds, yet their own distinct personalities. Scranton, Penn. group And the Moneynotes ( (formerly Dr. Horsemachine & the Moneynotes) put out one of my favorite albums of the year with New Cornucopia!, a capricious blend of country, jazz, swing and R&B. They might share a hometown with “The Office”’s Michael Scott, but they’re definitely your entertainer first (okay, I’ll try and keep the obscure “Office” references to a minimum). Of course, the evening’s big draw will be local-favorite Holy Ghost Tent Revival (www.myspace. com/hgtr) who are oh-so-close to finalizing their full-length debut album. Their big, boisterous harmonies and Mardi Gras-meets-Merlefest musical qualities are always crowd-pleasers. The music starts at 8 p.m. and all shows at the Green Bean are all-ages events. The show is free, but donations are strongly suggested. Surely, you can cough up $5 for a good time — that’s what she said.