Forsyth candidates raise money from variety of sources

by Jordan Green

A pro-choice group footed the bill for two Democratic women who prevailed in Forsyth County legislative races in the May 8 primary.

Other victorious candidates raised money from a broad base of donors, variously drawing support from local business people, political action committees representing significant industries, fellow politicians, teachers and homemakers.

The candidates dropped thousands of dollars on billboards, political consultants and, in some cases, polling.

Most reports were complete, but some were not. The first quarter report for the campaign of Ed Hanes Jr., who prevailed in the NC House District 72 candidate, is missing pages detailing expenditures.

“When it’s audited they will review that report,” Westbrook Strach said. “And if there are no expenditures, he’ll be notified and asked to report the detailed expenditures.”

Hanes said that all reports had been filed to his knowledge, and he would find out why the state Board of Elections doesn’t have the full document.

Among significant contributions, Earline Parmon and Evelyn Terry, who respectively won the Democratic nomination in Senate District 32 and House District 71, received $4,000 from Lillian’s List, a Raleigh pro-choice group. They both also received contributions from the campaign committee of Linda Garrou, who is retiring from her seat representing Senate District 32 at the end of the year.

Debra Conrad, the Republican nominee for NC House District 74, received $2,000 contributions from Anthony Atala, the respected biomedical researcher at Wake Forest School of Medicine, and from Ed Broyhill, a former congressional candidate.

Julia Howard, the veteran Republican lawmaker who fended off a challenge from Forsyth County Commissioner Bill Whiteheart for NC House District 79, raised $133,114, much of which came from industry groups such as the NC Hospital PAC, Centurylink Employees PAC and Duke Energy Corp. PAC.

Whiteheart, in contrast, self-financed the overwhelming majority of his campaign, cutting himself a $250,000 check.

Among candidates that didn’t make the cut, Winston-Salem City Councilman James Taylor Jr. received $4,000 checks from Que Pasa Media Network CEO Jose Isasi and $4,000 each from Hank Perkins and Drew Gerstmyer of East Coast Capital to aid his unsuccessful quest for the Democratic nomination in Senate District 32. Perkins and Gerstmyer are currently working with the city council to establish an entertainment district and develop the north end of downtown.

Everette Witherspoon, who lost to Terry in District 71, contributed $4,167 to his campaign. Jimmie Lee Bonham, an unsuccessful candidate in District 72, received a $2,800 contribution from the campaign of Beverly Earle, a Charlotte lawmaker. Larry Brown, who lost the Republican primary in District 74 to Conrad, received $8,000 from Sylvia and William Brown, a couple in Waxhaw. Glenn Cobb, another unsuccessful Republican candidate in District 74, drew $4,000 from the NC Realtors Association.

Maya Angelou, a renowned poet, contributed $125 to the campaign of S. Wayne Patterson, who ran unsuccessfully in District 72.

Political consultants received significant outlays from Forsyth County candidates, including $27,432 from the Whiteheart campaign to Capitol Strategies Consulting, a Charlotte-based firm operated by Republican strategist Andy Yates; $11,010 from the Conrad campaign to the Stewart Group in Raleigh, and $3,396 from the Taylor campaign to the Vela Agency in Winston-Salem.

By far the most expensive campaign was the District 79 contest, in which Howard out-spent Whiteheart, $155,519 to $91,453.

In District 74, Conrad won her race by spending $25,846 — more than Brown spent, but less than Cobb.

In Senate District 32, Parmon spent $28,525 to Taylor’s $12,742. Hanes led spending in the House District 72 race, with $11,940.

Some candidates were less reliant on big donors than others. Contributions to the Patterson campaign averaged $37. Hanes, Terry, Bonham and Taylor’s average contributions fell under $400, while contributions to the Parmon campaign averaged $920.

This report includes contributions and expenditures of $500 or more. It covers campaign finance transactions through April 21, which are reported in first-quarter reports. Receipts and expenditures for the last two weeks before the primary have not been reported yet, and will be in the secondquarter reports. All information is taken from official campaign finance reports on file with the state Board of Elections at

NC Senate District 32 Earline Parmon, D (victor)

Total raised: $28,525 Total spent: $16,819 Cash on hand: $12,306 Average contribution: $920


$4,000: Lillian’s List of North Carolina (pro-choice), Raleigh

$2,000: Jim Crawford for House Committee. Henderson; Linda Garrou for Senate, Winston-Salem; Matthew T. Lewis, Asheboro; NC Advocates for Justice PAC (trial lawyers); RJ Phillips, Clemmons; Jerry L. Williamson, Lewisville

$1,500: Earl W. Edwards, Perkasie, Pa.

$1,000: Alliance for Access to Dental Care PAC, Raleigh; John W. Buress III, Winston-Salem; Planned Parenthood, Chapel Hill; RJR PAC, Winston-Salem; State Employees Association of North Carolina, Raleigh


$5,425: Fairway Outdoor Advertising (billboard), Greensboro

$2,500: Winston-Salem Chronicle (newspaper ads), Winston-Salem

$1,459: Van’s Advertising, Burlington

$1,427: Out the Door Printing (yard signs), Cookeville, Tenn.

$1,240: WPOL Radio (radio advertising), Winston- Salem

James Taylor Jr., D

Total raised: $21,405 Total spent: $12,742 Cash on hand: $8,663 Average contribution: $389


$4,000: Jose Isasi, Que Pasa Media Network, Winston- Salem; Drew Gerstmyer, East Coast Capital, Winston- Salem; Hank Perkins, East Coast Capital, Winston-Salem $3,000: Noah Reynolds, Winston-Salem

Notable: Wanda Merschel (Winston-Salem City Council), Piedmont Federal, Winston-Salem; Ralph H. Womble, NC Board of Transportation, Winston-Salem


$3,396: Vela Agency (consulting, website, billboard), Winston-Salem

$2,750: Whiteheart Outdoor Advertising (billboard company owned by Forsyth County Commissioner Bill Whitheart), Winston-Salem

$1,433: Wooten Graphics (yard signs), Welcome

$1,250: Nishaka Proctor (campaign event), Greensboro

NC House District 71 Evelyn Terry, D (victor)

Total raised: $6,070 Total spent: $467 Cash on hand: $5,603 Average contribution: $289


$4,000: Lillian’s List of North Carolina (pro-choice), Raleigh

Notable: Linda Garrou for NC Senate ($200)

Everette Witherspoon, D Total raised: $6,082 Total spent: $4,745 Cash on hand: $1,337 Average contribution: $676


$4,687: Candidate, Winston-Salem

NC House District 72 Ed Hanes Jr., D (victor)

Total raised: $12,878 Total spent: $11,940 Cash on hand: $1,731 Average contribution: $274


$1,000: Will Alston, Wells Fargo, Charlotte; candidate; Dr. John M. Oliver, dentist, Clemmons

[No itemization of expenditures]

S. Wayne Patterson, D

Total raised: $974 Total spent: $583 Cash on hand: $591 Average contribution: $37


Notable: Maya Angelou, poet ($125)

Jimmie Lee Bonham, D

Total raised: $3,912 Total spent: $493 Cash on hand: $3,420 Outstanding loans: $207 Average contribution: $356


$2,800: Beverly Earle Campaign Committee, Charlotte

Notable: Denise Adams ($100), Winston-Salem City Council; Everette Witherspoon ($155), Forsyth County Commission

NC House District 74 Debra Conrad, R (victor)

Total raised: $37,520 Total spent: $25,846 Cash on hand: $32,921 Outstanding loans: $20,000 (candidate) Average contribution: $312


$2,000: Anthony Atala, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem; Ed Broyhill

$1,500: Lisa Hayes-Calvert, S&L Painting, Winston- Salem

$1,000: Michael Baughan, Winston-Salem; Mark Becker, lawyer, Tallahassee, Fla.; John Burress III, JW Burress, Winston-Salem; Derrick Davis, DL Davis & Co., Winston-Salem; NC Hospital Association PAC, Cary; Piedmont Triad Anesthesia Federal PAC, Winston-Salem; Betty Runnion, Winston-Salem; Thomas L. Teague, Salem Corp., Winston-Salem; Keith Vaughan, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, Winston-Salem; Paul Wiles, Winston-Salem

Notable: Jonathan Dills, Forsyth Board of Elections ($250); Jeannie Metcalf, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board ($250) Expenditures:

$11,010: The Stewart Group (consulting), Raleigh

$6,000: Tel Opinion Research (polling), Alexandria, Va.

$2,557: Pam Lofland (labor and signs), Clemmons

$1,933: Post Mark (printing and mailing), Winston- Salem

$1,298: Wooten Graphics (yard signs), Welcome

Larry Brown, R Total raised: $15,035 Total spent: $13,887 Cash on hand: $5,359 Outstanding loans: $4,185 Average contribution: $442


$4,000: Sylvia S. Brown, Waxhaw; William Brown, Waxhaw

$1,000: Mark R. Craig, RH Barringer, Greensboro


$9,488: Postmark (mailings), Winston-Salem

$1,261: King Printing (yard signs)

$1,050: Conquest Communications (media), Richmond, Va.

Glenn Cobb , R

Total raised: $17,334 Total spent: $30,595 Cash on hand: Unavailable Outstanding loans: $24,852 (candidate) Average contribution: $255


$4,000: NC Realtors PAC, Greensboro

$2,500: Hal Jones, Saguaro Co., Raleigh

$1,500: NC Homebuilders Association, Raleigh

$1,000: Edna Faye Cobb, Cary; Laurence A. Cobb, Nexsen Pruitt law firm, Cary; Gordon C. Putnam, Winston-Salem

$881: Candidate

$500: George R. Bell, G. Bell Productions, Winston- Salem; Brook F. Burr, Leonard Ryden Burr, Winston- Salem; Julie Epperson, Winston-Salem; Ruth A. Hudspeth, Fairway Mortgage, Winston-Salem: Phillip W. Johnson, property manager, Winston-Salem; Tom F. Johnson, TE Johnson & Sons, High Point; Ted Kelly, ReMax Realty, Kernersville; Paul McGill, McGill Realty, Winston-Salem; David M. Powers, Reynolds American, Winston-Salem


$24,952: Specialized Media (TV advertising), Charlotte

$3,469: Millennium (yard signs), Shelby

$1,000: Allen Beam (research), Cary

David W. Moore, D (victor)

Total raised: $400 Total spent: $342 Cash on hand: $106

John Gladman, D Total raised: 0 Total spent: $50 Cash on hand: $657

NC House District 79 Julia Howard, R (victor)

Total raised: $133,114 Total spent: $155,519 Cash on hand: $27,779 Average contribution: $637


$6,500: NC Hospital PAC, Cary

$6,000: Centurylink Employees PAC, Raleigh

$5,000: Jerry Smith, Le Bleu Corp., Clemmons

$4,000: Harold Brubaker for House, Asheboro; Duke Energy Corp. PAC, Charlotte; NC Health Care Association Facilities Association, Raleigh; NC Small Business PAC of the Independent Insurance Agents of NC, Cary; Progress Energy Carolinas, Raleigh; Triad PAC, Winston-Salem

$3,750: NC Realtors PAC, Greensboro

$3,500: Nationwide Carolina Political Partnership Fund, Columbus, Ohio; Rural Electric Action Programs, Raleigh

$3,000: Blue Cross, Blue Shield Employee PAC, Durham; NC Dental PAC, Cary; Randleman for NC House, Wilkesboro; JM Family Enterprises PAC, Deerfield Beach, Fla.; Piedmont Triad Anesthesia PAC, Winston-Salem

$2,750: NC Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association, Raleigh

$2,500: Citizens for Higher Education, Raleigh; NC Hospital Association PAC, Cary; Time Warner Cable NC PAC, Raleigh

$2,000: Anesthesiologists of the Triad PAC, Greensboro; Avalon Potts Metal Fabrication, Winston-Salem; Bank of America Corp. PAC, Atlanta; Lowe’s Companies PAC, Mooresville; Metrolina Area Radiologists for Quality in Medicine, Charlotte; NC Medical Society State PE and AC Med PAC, Raleigh; Northeast Anesthesia and Pain Specialists PAC, Concord

$1,750: NC Bank PAC, Raleigh

$1,500: AT&T NC PAC, Charlotte; Charles Gottschalk, Chip Ganassi Racing, Gibsonia, Pa.; McGuire Woods Consulting PAC, Richmond, Va.; NC Auto PAC, Raleigh; NC Chamber PAC; REAP PAC, Raleigh; Resident Lenders of NC PAC

$1,350: Dr. Gary Oyster, dentist, Franklinton

$1,250: NC Retail Merchants Association, Raleigh; Piedmont Healthcare PA PAC, Statesville; NC Restaurant & Lodging PAC, Raleigh; Piedmont Natural Gas PAC, Charlotte $1,155: Bill Junker, Trailers of the East Coast, Mocksville

$1,100: Alfred & Teresa Espisito

$1,000: Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association, Raleigh; Richard Childress, racing, Lexington; Mark R. Craig, RH Barringer, Greensboro; Fidelity Investments PAC, Boston; Health Network Solutions Chiropractic PAC, Lexington; Dr. Richard Hedrick Jr., Winston-Salem; NC Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association PAC, Raleigh; NC Homebuilders Association, Raleigh; NC Outdoor Advertising Association, Raleigh; NC Pork Council, Raleigh; NC State Farm Agents & Associates PAC, Raleigh; Health Network Solutions PAC, Cornelius; NC Farm Bureau PAC, Raleigh; Dr. Gary Prillaman, Mocksville;

RJ Reynolds PAC, Winston-Salem


$51,885: Specialized Media Services, Charlotte

$26,692: Lisella Public Affairs (campaign mailer), Raleigh

$11,352: Capitol Communications (statistical research), Granite Falls

$6,751: Verizon (phone), Acworth, Ga.

$5,690: Simpson & Co. (event coordinator), Raleigh

$4,115: Fire Horse Films (media), Raleigh

$4,000: Republican House Majority Fund

$3,617: Able Printing Co. (media), Mockville

$2,786: Wooten Graphics, Welcome

$2,279: Millennium Marketing (media), Shelby

$2,045: Pam Lofland, Clemmons

$1,695: Debbie Whaley, Mocksville

$1,069: Davie County Publishing (newspaper ad), Mocksville

$1,015: Jordan Cline, realtor, Mocksville

Bill Whiteheart, R

Total raised: $250,550 Total spent: $91,453 Cash on hand: $159,098 Average contribution: $125,275


$250,000: Candidate


$43,000: Jamestown Associates (media buy), Winston-Salem

$27,432: Capitol Strategies Consulting (mailers), Charlotte

$6,300: Clear Channel Entertainment (radio advertising), Greensboro

$5,700: Telopinion Research (poll), Alexandria, Va.

$4,000: Byron Nelson (consulting), Winston- Salem

$3,500: Whiteheart Outdoor Advertising (billboards), Winston-Salem