Found Objects

by Amy Kingsley

It’s time to come clean. I love Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Among theater technicians – which is what I was before I traded in my headset for a notebook – that admission is tantamount to a detainee claiming he misses the water board. This year I’ll be getting my fix at the High Point Theatre, where the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival will be performing the play starting Sunday.

New York’s Pushcart Players will be performing for the Children’s Theatre of Winston-Salem on Friday and Saturday. The play – A Season of Miracles – is a multicultural collection of holiday tales that is appropriate for kindergartners through eighth graders.

The Broach Theatre in Greensboro is hosting a holiday production of A Tuna Christmas. The show opens Wednesday and runs through next week.

This Friday and Saturday evening, the Bel Canto Company holds its annual holiday concert at Greensboro’s Christ United Methodist Church. For more information visit

It’s a busy week at UNCG, staring with the Faculty Concert at the Dance Theater which opens on Wednesday. The next night, music theorist Aaron Allen tickles your gray matter with an exposition of “Echoes of Ologies in Music Scholarship.” That’ll be happening in the Music Building. Also on Thursday, author Robert Olmstead reads fiction (presumably his own) at the Faculty Center.

Black Friday has already come and gone, hurling us headlong into the holiday shopping season. The Green Hill Center in Greensboro is taking some of the stress out of the task by hosting a Collector’s Choice event on Saturday. You can buy a ticket by calling the gallery, which grants you early access to pieces in the Winter Show, which opens Sunday.

Moldovan artist Ion Car Chelon will be in town promoting an exhibition of his work at the Heart of Living Home Gallery this week. There will be a private reception for the artist, but anyone can come see his work on display in the gallery.

File under crazy gift ideas: Do you know a pack rat with a small dorm room or studio apartment who is also keen on conceptual art? Consider submitting their living space to the staff at the Weatherspoon Art Museum, which is looking for the perfect space to replicate in the museum. To be considered, e-mail by Friday.

The Space is hosting a release party for the Corradi, UNCG’s lit mag, on Thursday night. The occasion is the release of the fall 2007 issue. There will be bands, food and lots of students.

Coleman Barks will read from the works of the Persian poet Rumi on Friday and Saturday at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant in Greensboro. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the church office or at the door.