Found Objects

by Amy Kingsley

Installation artist Bryant Holsenbeck discusses her work – including a large-scale environmental piece installed for the exhibition REGROWTH – during lunch on Wednesday at the Green Hill Center in Greensboro. The hour-long talk is free and open to the public, but attendees are expected to bring their own lunch. The event starts at 12:30 p.m.

The Weatherspoon Museum in Greensboro dredges some Peter Takal drawings out of storage for its latest exhibition and combines them with pieces from the Arkansas Arts Center. The suitably named Peter Takal Drawings opens Sunday and remains on display until October.

The SEED Gallery is inside Winston-Salem’s Urban Artware. Alright. Now that you’ve wrapped your brain around that, consider hitting both galleries during Friday’s downtown gallery hop. Urban Artware features art by Mike Duggins in a show entitled Mr. Bones & His Pals. At SEED, artist Kendall Doub shows her stuff. Both opening receptions start at 7 p.m.

You can’t get real fireworks in North Carolina – only sparklers. Pretty lame, huh? Lodge your protest and your ass at Triad Stage with the pirate Blackbeard, who knows a thing or two about thumbing his nose at authority. The theater is offering two-for-one tickets on July 4th that are available by calling the box office at 336.272.0160. Treat the play like a bottle rocket by keeping an eye on your kids. There’s violence and sexual suggestion, but nothing that’ll put an eye out.

Elsewhere hosts Tempe, Ariz.’s Travis Janssen on Friday for its weekly artist’s conversation. The next day, the collaborative gets back to work transforming its alleyway into a full-fledged garden. Stop by and help if you like, and then stay for a presentation by environmentalist Alex Maness at 2 p.m.

The Eastern Music Festival started last week and shifts into full gear this weekend. Visit for a full schedule and ticket information.

Winston-Salem’s Press 53 wants to make you a “Friend with Benefits.” No, not that kind of benefits. More like discounts, previews and special access. Just log onto their website,, and join the mailing list.

Husband and wife Mark Raines and Trish Holder broke ground last month on a sustainable home in northwest Guilford County that will be featured in Ultimate Home Design magazine. Their domicile will use geothermal heat and North Carolina lumber. The couple expects to complete construction in the fall, when they will hold a series of open houses and demonstrations.