Four categories of tapas, are oh so great at Mundo

by Charles Womack


I’ve enjoyed a few great meals at the newly opened Mundo Global Tapas.

Opened by two veteran chefs, Eric Muck and Jared Lee, Mundo Global Tapas is a traditional tapas restaurant — small plates — with a cool and classy, laidback vibe.

Upon being seated, I was handed a clipboard with two separate menus to check out. The first showcased the global tapas divided up into four categories labeled: mini smalls (appetizers), skewers, veggie smalls and biggie smalls (main dishes).

The menu underneath, featured a strong list of import and domestic beers, wines and desserts. They also have a full bar and bartenders I observed with enough talent to create things behind the bar I had never seen before.

From the 33-item small-plate food menu, I ordered the Korean barbecue short rib for $14.75 that came with Persian rice, fresh pickles, cilantro, peanuts and kalbi sauce. I liked the sauce, and the rib was soft and juicy. It was also very nice that they actually pulled the meat off the bone for you, but left the bone on the plate with the big hunk of meat resting gently against it.

I was a bit on the hungry side so I also ordered the lamb lula kababs for $7.25 that was Armenian ground lamb with parsley, garlic, bulgur and tzatziki.

I enjoyed the lamb and was pleased with the flavor and presentation of my order. I was also very surprised at the size of my order, which paired with the ribs was too much for me to finish.

As stuffed as I was and as frustrated as I am currently with the fitting of my pants, the hazelnut bacon bar cake on the dessert menu had my name written all over it.

Basically, they had me at bacon and when I investigated further and saw it was “candied” bacon, it was all over.

The beautiful thing arrived with this big slice of bacon stuck on top beside a chocolate cookie and chocolate sauce delicately splashed over the top and on the plate for decoration.

I was not sure how others took this thing down, but I went for the candied bacon first and bit into the thick-cut slice. It had a slight snap that was only masked by the thin coating of a clear, sugary shell. It was amazing.

The Greensboro Gluten Free Support Group is launching the city’s first gluten-free food drive. Donations of gluten-free food can bee dropped off at Deep Roots Market through Jan. 15, and will be donated to the Greensboro Urban Ministries Food Bank. !


Mundo Global Tapas is located at 401 W. Fourth St in Winston- Salem. Call 336.293.8357