Boho Salon is embracing an emerging trend in the salon industry by opening their new “organic salon” in downtown Greensboro. The salon and its products are totally eco-friendly, from purified water for shampoo and pedicure bowls, to ENERGY STAR™ appliances that are designed to use less energy. “With so much drying and shampooing, salons have always been a relatively large consumer of water and power,” points out Bradley Tuggle, owner of Boho. “So we feel like it is our responsibility to be conservation-minded about the resources we use.”

But it’s not only the utilities and water treatment that make this business green. Boho Salon also uses Soma Hair Technologies™ because their products are 100 percent vegan — organic, sulfate free, low pH, biodegradable, paraben and formaldehyde free, alcohol free, hypoallergenic and UVA/UBA protected. “Its not just what we put down the drains every day that concerns us,” adds Tuggle, “but even more alarming are the chemicals that we actually rub into our scalps each and every day with conventional hair and other skin products.” Even the hair color and nail polish used at Boho is ammonia and formaldehyde free, and the filtered water removes harsh chlorine and other water-treatment additives. Tuggle concludes, “Our hope is that we can still make a big impact on the beauty of our customers, with much less impact on our environment.”

Boho Salon is located at 506A S. Elm St., conveniently located within walking and parking of the best in downtown shopping and dining. It is owned and operated by Bradley Tuggle, award winning Farouk Systems International Platform Artist. Boho stylists are well educated and professional in their knowledge of styling. In addition to hair care, cut, color, and styling the salon also offers the best in manicures and pedicures. Appointments can be made by calling Boho Salon at 336.412.2646.