Carrie Coyle, a Greensboro native now residing in New York, has made a very impressive name for herself in the world of fashion design. After graduating from UNCG’s Department of Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies (CARS) she went onto perfect her design skills with Asheboro companies Wells Hosiery & Apparel and Acme-McCrary Corporation.

During her four years working with Acme-McCrary Corp. she was given the opportunity to help create an active wear sports bra for Calvin Klein’s performance department. This particular piece sold extremely well, opening many doors for the career she is currently upholding.

“I learned what fashion could be as far as a career. I was really fortunate and worked as hard as I could to establish a name for myself,” Coyle said.

Now she lives in New York City, a city most would call the “fashion capital” of America. She is designing performance wear, a hybrid between active wear and leisure, for the ever-popular Calvin Klein brand.

“Working in the industry where I am constantly creating has been nice. It’s a time for true innovation and thinking outside the box. I feel like New York is the perfect place to do this. I would love to keep gaining practical experience for a company like Calvin Klein,” she said. With only one year under her belt, she has a lot to look forward to both creatively and professionally.

In reference to how fashion trends differ in New York from that of our lovely triad, Coyle offered an intriguing viewpoint.

“Everyone has access to social media.

Which in turn allows everyone equal immediate access to what is trending. What I am seeing here on the streets someone in Middle America can see,” said Coyle. “Over the past five to ten years social media has played such a big role in what is trending. You have all these mid-sub trends and really it just boils down to what you’re into.”

However, one difference that did come up was the fact that New York is a melting pot of strangers who do not know each other. Therefore, it is easier for people to walk down the street taking risks with little hesitation. While North Carolina is home to some influential fashion bloggers, individuals tend to stay in the normal boundaries of style more so to blend in with the crowd.

“There is no one to judge what you are wearing. In fact, many people in New York want to get noticed for their unique style and are more inclined to start trends or stand out from the crowd,” explains Coyle.

A couple of trends that have emerged toward the end of last year and will continue to make a bigger entrance into 2015 are the effortless chic with a touch of active, and Boho ‘70s with a harder edge.

“Dannijo does a great job of fitting into the ‘70s look,” says Coyle. “It’s all about mixing leather jackets, fringe, suede, flared denim, and arm candy to complete the boho vibe. Think dark lips and nails, as well.”

As far as “effortlessly chic and active” is concerned, the style is very fresh and clean, mixed with neutral colors, metallic, and small pops of color. An example of this is the Birkenstock shoe making its surprising reappearance. If you were at all in the “in-crowd” growing up in the early 2000’s, you had a pair of these thick strapped shoes.

“We are seeing a lot of this trend which is Japanese culture influenced. It is all about the texture and play out of details,” says Coyle.

As we continue to see the rise and fall of trends, the most important thing is to remember: “It’s about what an individual feels comfortable wearing instead of the clothing wearing the individual.” !