Gaza: War crimes against children and civilians

Gaza: War crimes against children and civilians Where you can voice your opinion on the issues that matter to you!

The sad fact about Gaza is it is wrong. There should be no argument that the Israeli military aggression, occupation, blockade, starvation and siege of Gaza is, as Dr. Mads Gilbert said, “against everything it means to be a decent human being.” Gazans have the right to demand that an immediate on-going ceasefire is enforced, borders are opened, the blockade is ended so food, medicine and reconstruction materials are brought in, the barrier walls are torn down and the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank by the Israelis is ended so Palestinians can recover from illegal and abhorrent attacks. Reconstruction must be effective and immediate. There is no doubt that the crimes committed against the Palestinian people are war crimes. Many thoughtful analysts gathered for the symposium for Gaza cosponsored by MIT and Harvard and are in consensus. The Gaza offensive targeted civilians and used drones, white phosphorus and DIME weapons. DIME weapons result in multiple amputations. If the victims survive, they acquire cancer and die soon after. So beyond the 1,400 deaths reported, how many of the 5,000 wounded will die within the next year from cancer or lack of access to medical care? Ambulances, doctors, emergency rooms, medical workers, hospitals and neutral sites were targeted in the campaign. Now reports are emerging that the injured, even children, are being interrogated by Israelis when they try to access medical care outside of Gaza. Many have been denied access and died. White phosphorus weapons burn their victims and their environment. The white phosphorus continues to burn and remain a threat. YouTube documents infants, children and innocent civilians covered in burns. YouTube shows the multiple amputations that result from DIME bombs. The internet brings home the effects of sending US funds and bombs to Israel. Americans now know what their tax dollars are buying for Israel. This tragedy against a defenseless and imprisoned population is immoral and horrific. Demand Congress stop all funds and weapons going to Israel. It is a time to heal, rebuild and find a solution that respects the Palestinian people as equal partners with rights as protected by international law and described in the Declaration of Universal Human Rights.

Badi Ali is imam of the Islamic Center of the Triad in Greensboro.