Greensboro Fest in so many words

by Ryan Snyder

With so many tough choices to be made, there was no one way toexperience Greensboro Fest this past weekend. The venues were, forthe most part, sufficiently spaced so as to make travel back and forthunfavorable and unwise, lest something amazing be missed. Over fourdays, a lot of amazing things happened all over town at any of thepacked venues, from people spilling out from Lyndon Street Artworksto the red-light-soaked hip-hop revue at CFBG. It was truly a festivalfor the people, so there’s no better way to remember it than throughthose who experienced it. Here are their stories: “Watching 200 people shoulder to shoulder, jump up and down in unison to Holy Ghost Tent Revivalat Lyndon Street on Friday night. Also, the guys in Holy Ghost being the most polite and gracious band,even when I had to ask them to play one more song. During Invisible’s set on Saturday, the Green Beanreached full capacity and people just gathered on the street with passersby who stopped to watch the analogmadness inside. The Bronzed Chorus and Torch Runner at Legitimate Business on Sunday broughteverything together so perfectly. There were lots and lots of folks even on a rainy Sunday night withincredible vibes. Supernature at Maya gallery: no mics or amps, playing like they were on the porch andbeautifully so. CFBGs had was a really great after party; Deflon and N’DangR Species went hard, andthere was all kinds of dancing until 3:30am.” — Mike Wallace, festival organizer’­“When I sawDriveway was aboutto guest on harmonicawith Holy GhostTent Revival, I gottoo excited. ThenMatty Sheets got upthere and sang with’em too, and I honestlyhaven’t beenso happy at show inthis town before thatmoment.” — MatMasterson, lap steelfor Israel Darlingand Friend House “The sense of community was really overwhelming this year. It makes me proud to be a musician in this town when I seeeveryone coming together like this. Ezett is my new favorite band after their amazing performance Sunday night, and seeingthe Bronzed Chorus return from a three-week tour to close the weekend was goose-bumpingly perfect. As Adam fromBronzed Chorus said, ‘No one will talk s–t about Greensboro in my presence ever again.’” — Matty Sheets, singer/songwriter“ Friday nightat Lyndon St,walking up tothe venue; I hadanticipated agood turnoutbut once Irounded the corner andsaw basically a sea of people hangingout, I knew Greensboro Festwas on to something. Watching thecrowd response to N’DangR Species,Swayze Jones and Incense, it felt likean old-school house party. The danceparty carried on well into the earlymorning; killer beats were providedby Deflon, DJ J-Lone and Prez. Ihaven’t danced that much in quitesome time and there was a light-uphula hoop that took the dance party toa whole other level.” — Selena Wolf,after-party host “There was a funny moment early on atLyndon Street on Friday night. The singer forthe metal band Creeper is a rather hefty guy,who wore a white luchador mask throughouttheir set. In between the first and secondsong, he commented ‘We’re Creeper. If youdon’t like us, f–k off!’” — Devender Sellars,Decoration Ghost guitarist and YES! Weeklyart director “My favorite part was that it happened and continues to happenevery year because there are people who care enough about bothGreensboro and local music to take the time. Also, Adam Thorn’s set:what a brain on that one!” — Ben Sap, Braveyoung guitarist “I really enjoyed Deflon’s performance. I think he will become a bigname in electronic music in the future. I also really enjoyed Matty Sheetsand the Blockheads.” — Maf Maddix, N’DangR Species “There is a little bit of something foreveryone from the fun hip hop of SugarHigh Gang to the large multi-layered soundof Israel Darling to the one-of-a-kind use ofscience and technology of Invisible. It alsoshowed the power of things like Facebookand word of mouth, as there weren’t thatmany fliers up. Sunday night was especiallysurprising since it was raining all day andthere were still like 100 at Legit Biz.Seeing Bronzed Chorus perform last wasreally cool, and this was their last show of athree-week tour so they were spot-on. Also,WUAG broadcasted the show and it wascool to be listening to the show on the wayto the show. We hope to do more of this livebroadcasting in the future.” — Jack Bonney,WUAG general manager “Most spirited performance I’ve seen yet from Holy Ghost Tent Revival.Not a huge veteran of their shows, but I’ve seen them a few times. A bigapplause for the organizers and Lyndon Street in general, They manageda VERY large crowd with great courtesy and professionalism.” — AllenMartin, photographer “The friday night show I played at Lyndon Street Artworks with HolyGhost, Romancer, etcetera…. The energy of the show was really fun androwdy. Tons of people came out and represented the Greensboro undergroundscene, we have a variety of raw musicians and artists that are seriouslytalented.” — DJ Tim Trouble