Greensboro Minimum Wage Campaign presents petitions


Ed Whitfield (center) and Fahiym Hanna of the Greensboro Minimum Wage Campaign present petitions calling for a citywide minimum wage of $9.36 per hour to Greensboro City Clerk Juanita Cooper on Monday. Organizers said they collected 6,412 signatures. The required threshhold for a citizen initiative to be considered is 25 percent of the number of people who voted in the previous municipal election. Among those who signed the petition were Mayor Yvonne Johnson, and council members Goldie Wells and Dianne Bellamy-Small. If the petitions are found to be sufficient, the Greensboro City Council will have 30 days to consider the proposed $9.36 minimum wage ordinance. Should council fail to approve the measure, as is expected, the ordinance will be considered as a ballot initiative by voters in either the primary or general elections next year. (photo by Daniel Bayer)

– Jordan Green