Greensboro Primary 2007: Who are these people?


The Greensboro municipal primary election is on Tuesday, Oct. 9.,when the current field of 32 is narrowed down to 18 – six hopefuls for three at-large seats and two candidates each for five district seats and two candidates for mayor. The primary has no bearing on three elections, for Districts 2 and 4 and the mayor’s race, which have only two candidates each.

Still the primary is important, articularly in the at-large race and in District 1, where beleaguered incumbent Dianne Bellamy-Small will try to defend her seat after a failed campaign to remove her from office. District 3, where most of the campaign money is, should be one to watch as well.

But who are all these people?

What do they stand for?

In this issue, we’ve done the homework for you. We sent out a questionaire to all 32 candidates touching on 10 of what we feel are the most important issues of the day. Just about all of them responded. We’re publishing excerpts in our print edition to help you decide how to cast your vote on Tuesday – below is a link to each candidate’s complete response.

Another word: We gave the candidates a forum to express their views. How – and if – they used it was up to them, and will reflect on our endorsements, which will come out just in time for Election Day 2007.

The Questions: Click Here

The Answers:


Yvonne Johnson

Milton Kern

City Council At-Large

Marikay Abuzuaiter

Sidney C. Gray

Kevin Green

Sandra Anderson Groat

Bill Knight

Joel Landau

Robbie Perkins

Joseph Rahenkamp Sr.

Mary C. Rakestraw

Donna Riechmann

Joe Venable

Janet M. Wallace (no response)

Greg Woodard

City Council District 1

Dianne Bellamy-Small

Tonya Clinkscale

James W. Carpenter Jr.

Charles Dayton Coffey

Luther Falls

City Council District 2

Lance Jones

Goldie Wells

City Council District 3

Berkley Blanks

Bobby Coffer (no response)

Cyndy Hayworth

Zack Matheny

Joe Wilson

City Council District 4

David Crawford (no response)

Mike Barber

City Council District 5

Sandy Carmany

Angela Carmichael

Trudy Wade