Greensboro gets its sea legs

by Karen Phillips


I love the beach. My mom is from the Dominican Republic and some of my earliest memories include eating fresh oysters next to her on the sand while drinking water from coconuts cut out of a neighboring palm tree.

Vacationing at the beach is something people look forward to all year long. Whether deciding to venture south to the Caribbean or choosing a more local destination like the Outer Banks, most beaches have the same “beach town” atmosphere. It’s rare to walk down the sand and not find a seafood restaurant or crab shack boasting about the fresh catch of the day or three-pound lobster; not to mention specials on the best tropical beverages in town.

High Point Road has just earned its sea legs with the addition of Captain’s Galley Seafood Shack which launched its grand opening about three weeks ago. With architecture a bit out of place for its surroundings, I drove by it a few times noticing the “Now Open” sign and a full parking lot, but not yet convinced to go in. In the mood for something different this weekend, however, I decided to give it a shot.

The stucco exterior and playful signage remind me of Myrtle Beach, and the smiling oyster above the entrance encourages me to enjoy my meal. I walked into a crowded restaurant with a 15-minute wait, and decided to eat at the bar. The bartender, originally from Tennessee, was kind and soft-spoken. She brought me some hush puppies and a glass of water while I scanned the menu.

I ordered a margarita on the rocks — no salt — and a “bucket of snow crab” which included a pound of crab legs, corn-on-the-cob and boiled red-bliss potatoes. I love crab legs. Whenever I would bring home a good report card, do well in a chorus concert or have a successful gymnastics meet, my parents would take me to Red Lobster for my meal of choice, which would usually rotate between crab legs and crab alfredo, with a side of clam chowder. The only thing I didn’t like about eating at Red Lobster was sitting through  the “Happy Birthday” song — I guess it was too much attention for my slightly introverted personality — but I suppose that’s true of any restaurant.

The best part of my dining experience at Captain’s Galley (and I say this with a slight hint of sarcasm in my tone) was sitting between a married couple on my left and a family of four on my right, each staring at me while I devoured the entire pound of crab legs – both clapping for me every step of the way. My eyes rarely left the bar or the NASCAR race in front of me, until I got some crabmeat in one of them. We had a good laugh.

When I was done, the waitress said I was “quite an eater” because I had finished everything on my plate. Maybe it’s because I used to be a gymnast that I can really pack in the proteins. If you think about it, a pound of crabmeat out of its shell isn’t really that much food. Either way, I accepted the compliment with a smile and continued sipping on my margarita.

Originally started in Stoney Point, NC in 1981 by the Kazakos family, Captain’s Galley Seafood Shack prides itself on serving quality seafood that is hand-breaded, seasoned and served fresh to valued customers.

Because of its beach-like atmosphere, its friendly service and its commitment to making things fresh and homemade, I think Captain’s Galley sits on a higher rung than Red Lobster as far as quality and environment are concerned, even though Red Lobster will always hold a special place in my heart. If you’re looking for a mini stay-cation with your family or a fun night out with your significant other, this might be a place to try.


Captain’s Galley Seafood Shack; 3706 High Point Road, Greensboro, 27407; 336.617.4442;