Greensboro nightclub target of Wednesday night noise complaint

by Ben Holder


Policing the Noise

Kenny Efird, the owner of Greene Street nightclub, reported to YES! Weekly that the Greensboro Police Department came to investigate his club on Wednesday night because of a noise complaint.According to Efird, two GPD officers showed up at 11:05 pm and informed Efird that he needed to close down his rooftop bar because they had received a noise complaint. The problem with that was the rooftop bar was not even open that night.”We had over five nationally known bands at our club that night and over 400 tickets were sold in advance for this show. We had a mixed crowd of parents and kids. Everyone had a wonderful time. I was embarrassed to have the police pull up as parents and kids were leaving. We didn’t even have our rooftop open.”According to Efird, the officers arrived at his club 5 minutes after the noise ordinance goes into effect. “The officers that came here didn’t even measure the noise. They just told me that there was a complaint and I needed to close my rooftop down. After I explained to them that the rooftop wasn’t open they just suggested I turn one speaker off, close the doors and they left.” Ultimately, police found no noise ordinance violations at the club and Efird only received, what he describes as embarrassment. “I didn’t like having two officers show up as parents and their kids are walking out of the club. I had five bands breaking their equipment down so they could go on to their next shows and two officers show up about the noise five minutes after the noise ordinance goes into effect.” Efird feels he is being targeted by someone and he would like to know who made the complaint. “I asked the police to tell me who made the complaint and they wouldn’t. I even called Watch Operations to ask who made the complaint and the police still wouldn’t tell me,” Efird said.YES! Weekly was also unable to get the city to reveal who made the complaint and a public records request has been made. Women and Wine

In other nightclub news, an unlicensed and illegal massage parlor is poised to turn into a strip club again this weekend despite being told by city officials they cannot. Erotic Encounters, located on Westgate Drive, will host strippers and sell alcohol at their “Women and Wine” event this Saturday night. Lovett Street Shooting

Two men have died after being shot during a drive by in the Glenwood neighborhood last night.Police responded to 1522 Lovett St. after 911 operators received a call about shots being fired. No information about the victims or the suspect is available at this time, according to police.Lovett Street shootings are not uncommon. Less than 5 months ago, 1574 Lovett Street was shot at two times during a 15 hour period. Thankfully nobody was injured during the shooting. Police recovered 26 9mm shell casings in the driveway that night.