Greensboro police to focus on Gate City Boulevard traffic

by Ben Holder

Greensboro Police began an effort this week to crackdown on speeders and seat belt violators traveling on Gate City Boulevard. The effort will continue for the next two weeks and will include all of Gate City Boulevard and several of the connecting back streets. Police will mainly use unmarked cars during the crackdown. On the first day of the operation it was very hard to miss the blue lights coming from the unmarked Tahoes as police pulled over a dozen drivers. If you’re traveling along the Gate City Boulevard area during the next week make sure you buckle up and watch your speed. Undercover brothers are definitely watching. Glenwood residents will have to wait until the end of July before Neal Street can be used again. According to an email thread between UNCG staff and Glenwood residents, the prolonged closing of the street is due to UNCG having a difficult time obtaining the permits necessary to ongoing construction of the new Student Recreation Center. Because of this, certain utility work was not started at the beginning of this month as suspected. According to the email thread, UNCG is working on completing some storm line work on Neal Street as their campus continues to sprawl into the Glenwood neighborhood.Lee Street and High Point Road signs are now gone and have been replaced with new signs that show the street’s new name. YES! Weekly has been researching the state of Gate City Boulevard and will have a story about the troubled area in the upcoming issue.The discovery of Downtown Greensboro INC’s (DGI) willingness to trample over by laws and rules continues. According to the contract that DGI has with the county, DGI has operated outside of their guidelines. The county specifically states in their contract that all meetings involving DGI’s board of Directors, Advisory Board or Governing Board must be open to the public. Unfortunately, it appears DGI once again doesn’t care. Even more unfortunate is our local governments continue to reward them for that.