Greensboro should honor thy grandfather

by Jim Longworth

Strip clubs have been doing business in Greensboro for decades, operating in properly zoned areas and, for the most part, abiding by all the applicable laws.

Now the city wants to move the foul line in the middle of the game by changing zoning regulations.’ The bottom line is these clubs must either relocate or shut down.

Not surprisingly, Christie’s Cabaret and four other clubs have filed a federal lawsuit against Greensboro and I hope they prevail.

These businesses have invested a fortune in their operations and relocating would be tantamount to closing, and the city knows it. This is a veiled attempt to legislate morality. If all the city wanted was for every adult club to look as respectable as Christie’s, then they could have mandated facade improvements. Instead, the city fathers have reneged on zoning agreements that were grandfathered years ago.

Even sex clubs in Las Vegas are exempt from new zoning regs because they were grandfathered at their present location.

‘ And so, essentially, the city is stripping clubs of their rights just for stripping women of their clothes. I do not frequent these clubs myself, but I also don’t trust politicians who keep amending laws just to suit their own moral standards. For my part, I prefer pole dancers to polecats.

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