Greensboro’s Ten Best church signs

by Brian Clarey

Gate City Baptist Church

5250 Hilltop Road; 336.292.8672

Fear Factor series

July 1- Sept. 11

Don’t let fear be a factor for you!

Presbyterian Church of the Covenant

501 S Mendenhall St.; 336.275.6403



And home for your soul

Northside Baptist Church

1100 E Cornwallis Dr.; 336.275.9588

When things

look down,

look up

Greensboro Christian Church

3232 Yanceyville St.; 336.621.5226

Hear lions roar Sunday

New Hope of Zion Fellowship Church

222 Summit Ave.; 336.375.6008

One week without God’s word makes one weak with their soul

Hillcrest Baptist Church

3918 Baylor St.; 336.288.4618

If you time to complain,

Give your time to God

Fellowship Presbyterian Church

2005 New Garden Road;336.288.5177

Many want to serve God but only as advisors.

In Touch Fellowship Minstries

Have you ever desires to just start over in life

You can’—ask Jesus

Union Methodist Church

1012 E. Lee St.; 336.273.4006

The more love of the world prevails the more the love for God decays

Lebanon Baptist Church

Hicone Road; 336.621.0597

ATM inside

Atonement, Truth and Mercy