Greensboro’s Ten Best places to walk your dog…

by Amy Kingsley

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

2332 New Garden Rd.

Turns out that the site where Greensboro’s namesake, Major General Nathanael Greene, lost one of the bloodiest and most hotly contested battles of the Revolutionary War also makes a lovely place to walk your canine friend. Owners of skittish animals beware ‘— the enormous statue of Gen. Greene astride a sinister looking equine might inspire your pup to make a panicked bolt for the woods.

Guilford College Woods

5800 W. Friendly Ave.

The picturesque forest surrounding this campus has trails, a small lake and lovers’ names carved into tree trunks. In the distance you can hear the Fighting Quakers drill and run plays. My friend John’s dog Robo and I encountered only one other person during our short walk through the woods. Maybe we can thank mid-terms for keeping most of the student body in the library on an unseasonably warm fall afternoon, perfect for spending outdoors.

Barber Park

1500 Dan’s Rd.

Dog owners in east Greensboro don’t have to drive all the way across town to enjoy some time with their pets; they can simply head down Lee Street to Barber Park. During the summer, there is a good chance a walk down one of the park’s trails will be accompanied by music from one of the events frequently occupying the amphitheater. Be careful to steer clear of the disc golf course if your little guy likes chasing Frisbees, some of those on the green take their pastime very seriously.

Lake Townsend

6332 Townsend Rd.

Greensboro’s largest municipal reservoir sits way out on Church Street and provides ample recreational opportunities in addition to its more practical role as a city water source. The trails are rocky, booby-trapped with tree roots and occasionally steep, so it makes a great workout for both dog and owner. Unless you like the taste of dog fur in your condensed soup, you better keep your water-loving pooch out of the lake.

The Arboretum

Market Street and Starmount Dr.

This Lindley Park destination is a popular spot for couples, families and dog owners, especially on the weekends. The wide variety of labeled flora provides a horticultural education to supplement a placid stroll through the beautiful landscape. Just don’t expect your dog to care very much about the rare rose subspecies upon which he chooses to relieve himself.

Glenwood Avenue

Because I am actually a cat owner and I had to borrow a dog for this assignment, I never got around to walking Robo in my own neighborhood. But in the early evenings when my cat and I usually hang out on the stoop, I see several of my neighbors strolling around the block with their dogs. The dog walkers, bicycle riding kids and that weird guy with the loud motorcycle and Great War-era spiked helmet all add to Glenwood’s unique ambiance.

Lake Brandt

5945 Lake Brandt Dr.

Since Greensboro is not blessed with any natural bodies of water, dog owners with a penchant for aqueous scenery must head to yet another city reservoir. Lake Brandt is a little smaller and closer than Lake Townsend but offers more in the way of recreational activities like picnicking, canoeing and fishing. Still, owner and dog must fight the urge to jump in the water ‘— however tempting that might be on hot summer days ‘— people drink that stuff.

The Bark Park at Country Park

3902 Nathanael Greene Dr.

It may not count as a place to walk your dog, but Greensboro’s only off-leash park for canines is a great spot for apartment-dwelling dog owners without a frolic-friendly yard. Dogs can play with each other, their owners or other humans milling around the area. Opened in 2003, funding came from local dog owners who wanted a place where their pets could run free. It is also a good spot for owners of energy bundles like Robo who are tired of their dogs dragging them around.

Fisher Park

N. Elm Street and Fisher Park Circle

This neighborhood north of downtown offers plenty of friendly interaction and views of some of the city’s oldest homes to both the old money purebreds and the younger mutt crowd. The area’s namesake park has plenty of space for Frisbee throwing, ball catching or general romping. Given its proximity to the city’s commerce and government centers, this park also offers the best chance for some friendly sniffing with the dogs of Greensboro power brokers.

Latham Park

905 Cridland Rd.

Many local fitness buffs flock to winding Latham Park, which stretches along Wendover Ave. between N. Elm Street and Battleground Ave., for their daily jogs. Some of them run alongside their toned canines. Dog owners who take their pets for more leisurely outings need not worry; there is plenty of space at this park for animals and humans of every physical disposition.