Greensboro’s Ten Best staff New Year’s resolutions

by the staff

Quitting drinking (Jordan Green)

Okay, so drinking goes hand in hand with the combative and emotionally jagged business of collecting information and writing stories. If there was any such thing as a journalism license, mine should be revoked on the spot. I actually quit drinking well before the holiday madness got in full swing. It was just too time consuming. Too expensive. Too convenient; my job requires that I spend a lot of time in bars. And I felt myself slipping into the territory of poor judgment. I hope my new abstemious position will engender a more spontaneous response to my surroundings and my fellows. Also, I noticed that when I quit drinking I stopped getting killer headaches. Probably something to do with dehydration. So far, the benefits seem to outweigh the drawbacks of the teetotaler life.

Listening to more original music

(Jordan Green)

I definitely plan to buy more new, original music in 2006. Angry, literate Southern rock. Ephemeral frontera country. Raging folk music full of humor and sadness. Righteous hip hop. Caterwauling guitar rock. Existential blues. Torn and frayed soul. Keening, majestic mariachi music. Maybe if enough of us go out of our way to find it we’ll create a demand that the Gate City’s talented musicians and enterprising club owners will find impossible to ignore. If we create a critical mass, before we know it good music will be chasing us instead of the other way around. Dream it. Believe it. Make it real.

None (Amy Kingsley)

What makes Dec. 31 different from the other 364 days of the year? For most people, it is a cocktail of decadence and debauchery, tempered by the inebriated recitation of lifestyle improvement platitudes. Buddy, you’ll be lucky if you even remember your resolution in the hung-over haze of Jan. 1. So do yourself a favor and save those badly needed brain cells for something else ‘— resolutions are for suckers.

No more celebrity news (Amy Kingsley)

I try to keep up with the important news of the day, but sometimes when I know I should be catching up on Samuel Alito’s judicial philosophy, I’m inextricably drawn to the latest Paris Hilton tabloid tidbit. So next year I resolve to avoid so much as a peek under the cover of the US Weekly tempting me in the grocery store checkout. In the meantime, I have a little Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey divorce news to cram.

Keep my goals in sight ‘— and kiss more ass (Kenny Lindsay)

One resolution I have is to keep doing what I’ve been doing for the last year and a half, except work even harder towards some of my goals. Like Clarey before me, I’ve been in the restaurant business for a very long time and I’m slowly inching my way out of it. It’s not easy either. I finally decided what I want to do: go back to school and actually stick with it this time. Over the summer I landed an internship here at YES! Weekly (thanks Lisa) as a designer and just recently was hired on part-time. To me, it’s very exciting to be sitting at a desk and doing something I actually love to do. It’s also nice to work with a group of professionals, each of whom I look up to. YES! Weekly has also opened some other doors that I never thought would have sparked an interest to me. Thus, this year I’d like to work even harder towards my career goals and take advantage of the talent I’m surrounded by.

Play more golf (Lee Adams)

I resolve to play more golf. I enjoy golf, although I’m not very good at it. It’s a great way to spend the day doing absolutely nothing. But wait a minute. I’m a journalist so I really can’t afford that kind of thing. Maybe if it counts as exercise I can combine it with another resolution and get a club membership. Now there’s an idea!

Trend my lawn (Brian Clarey)

This is something of a cop-out, one of those resolutions that won’t take effect until long after I’ve made it, long enough that I’ll likely forget it was ever one of my goals. But I will say this today: This is the year, people. This is the year that my lawn will take on the lushness of the outfield at Yankee Stadium, or maybe the back nine at Augusta National. I will aerate and seed. I will alkalize. I will mow. I will weed. I will spray. I will even water in my quest to make my lawn so good that come spring my neighbors will be muttering, ‘“How does that son of a bitch do it?’”

Tend my garden (Brian Clarey)

YES! Weekly was a demanding infant in its first year of life, and the extra hours I spent nursing it were hours taken away from my wife and three children, who at times in 2005 were reduced to the status of roommates. But I’m going to whittle down some of the edges of my workweek in the coming year and give those hours to the people who matter most to me. They’re going to need me in 2006: I’ve got one learning to use the potty as we speak (it’s been a particularly filthy process this time around) and another who’s a recent biped, just starting to put together a dozen steps at a time and discovering a whole new world of things two feet off the floor. She’s becoming grabby.

Believe what I see in the mirror (Ogi Overman)

I should’ve taken the hint when Marilyn Green, owner of Marilyn’s Modeling Agency, offered me a seasonal job this past year ‘— as Santa Claus. But I wasn’t able to finally break through the denial until I took a TV gig on Jim Longworth’s ‘“Triad Today’” on WUPN and WXLV. On most folks it’s true that television adds 10 pounds, but in my case it was more like 50. So pencil me in again this year as resolving to lose weight. But this year I really mean it. Honest. Trust me. I’m serious’….

Grow YES! Weekly (Charles Womack)

For the upcoming year, I plan to focus a larger share of my attention on growing our baby, YES! Weekly. Though we have taken some major strides and been welcomed with open hearts and open minds, there is still some exciting work to be done and old dragons to slay. We will continue to invest our minds, energy and resources in making this paper the best weekly paper in the state.