Greensboro’s ten best power lunchrooms

by Brian Clarey

Gate City Chop House

106 S. Holden Road; 336.294.9977

The Chop House Grill

301-F Pisgah Church Road; 336.545.1113

The three-Martini lunch is, if not dead, then certainly floundering. But it still feels like the old days in these country-club style dining rooms where big-shots and dealmakers still hash it out over steaks, shrimp cocktails and the occasional glass of single-malt. At lunchtime the parking lot at the corner of Holden and Market brims with Cadillacs, BMWs and Lexuses (Lexi?) and the new Grill, in the posh new development on Pisgah Church Road, serves as the anchor for what may become the nicest strip mall in town.


403 N. Elm St.; 336.230.2253

Natural light seeps through the windowed storefront of Ganache on North Elm, basking the lunchtime patrons in a healthy glow and making crystalline sparkles on the dessert case. The noonday fare consists of healthier selections like salads, lean sandwiches and wraps which provide a nice counterweight to the huge selection of homemade cakes, pastries, cookies and other sugar bombs that will give you enough of a rush to finish out the afternoon.


600 S. Elm St.; 336.370.1266

With a simple menu of innovative sandwiches and classic salads, Undercurrent is the perfect place to lunch when you’re trying to create a good first impression with a new client or passing a freebie onto an old and valued one. The food looks so good you might not want to eat it. They also have a nice wine list for those so inclined.


4402 W. Wendover Ave.; 336.854.9518

Tripp’s on Wendover is a good, solid lunch spot ‘— not too cheap and not too pricey, with a no-nonsense menu of steaks, seafood, salads, sandwiches and the like. At lunchtime the booths and tables overflow with suits working on deals the likes of which the rest of us chumps can only imagine. It’s also a favorite of YES! Weekly publisher Charles Womack.

Cellar Anton

1400 Battleground Ave.; 336.274.0584

The recently redesigned Cellar Anton has been a cozy lunch destination for years, with a solid menu of Italian staples like lasagne and other pasta dishes that have been known to sate even the heaviest forks in the city. It’s casual; it’s cheap and over the years it’s been the scene for hundreds of deals.

Lucky 32

1421 Westover Terrace; 336.370.0707

The Green Valley Grille

622 Green Valley Road; 336.854.2015

The Quaintance-Weaver guys know a little something about business, and their two Greensboro dining rooms have the kind of tasteful and elegant atmosphere that both impresses clients and puts them at ease. And with a menu that changes with the seasons, you can be sure that lunch will never get boring.

Liberty Oak

100 W. Washington St.; 336.273.7057

With the closing of the Greensboro City Club, Liberty Oak is in position to inherit the mantle of premier downtown power lunch spot. This place has it all: a cozy bar, a cavernous dining room, a lavish menu’… and it’s located right in the middle of the action on Elm Street, making it an obvious choice for downtown types who eschew the Chik-fil-A

223 South Elm

223 S. Elm St.; 336.272.3331

Another downtown spot with the gravitas and style to attract the rich and powerful is named for its location. A quietly elegant dining room and tables anointed with white linen make an ideal setting for the French-inspired menu that takes sandwiches and salads to dizzying heights. When you take clients to 223 South Elm, they know you mean business.

Marisol Bistro

5834-E High Point Road; 336.852.3303

Out on the edge of town, the Marisol Bistro is known for its excellent, French-influenced menu and the big fireplace in the dining room. Removed from the corridors of power in the city, it’s a nice place to forget that you’re here to do business.

Village Tavern

1903 Westridge Road; 336.282.3063

Young and old power brokers and influence peddlers alike favor this spot on the north end of town for its simple fare, casual atmosphere and long bar. Not too many people drink