Guv should take emergency measures against illegal immigrants

by Jim Longworth

Upon taking office six years ago, Gov. Mike Easley did nothing to monitor or reform our DMV licensing system, or to control the influx of illegals into our state, who now number over a half million.

Thanks to our lax ID system, most of the 9/11 terrorists obtained their drivers licenses and other subsequent forms of identification from North Carolina.

And while the Twin Towers tragedy served as a wake-up call for national security, Carolina still lagged behind in readiness, prevention and enforcement.

A year ago 27 illegals were arrested at PTI while performing safety maintenance on US planes.

Then, last week, a gang of illegals was arrested on 400 counts of vandalism and a native of Iran plowed his SUV into a crowd of students in Chapel Hill.

There are those in Congress who are trying to stop the flow of illegals into America, but the irony of such crackdowns is now revealed in a study just released by the Pew Hispanic Center. The report confirms that illegals who normally sneak over here, then sneak back and forth to work, are now staying here permanently because they fear that new border restrictions would prevent them from re-entering at will.

It’s bad enough that we have the fastest growing illegal Hispanic population in the nation, increasing nearly 400 percent over the past ten years. It’s bad enough that we taxpayers are having to shell out nearly $500 million annually to educate children of illegals.

Now, we are passing laws that are encouraging them to remain here forever.

And through it all, Easley is doing nothing.

He could declare a state of emergency. He could reverse sanctuary policies. He could designate sporting arenas or vacant buildings as holding areas for illegals awaiting trial or deportation.

He could, but he won’t. He’s too busy giving away millions of dollars to wealthy corporations to concern himself with the safety and security of his citizens.

It’s time to round up the illegals and deport them immediately.

And we’d all be better off if Mike Easley would leave with them.

Jim Longworth is host of ‘“Triad Today’” which can be seen Friday mornings at 6:30 a.m. on ABC45 (cable channel 7), and Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on UPN48 (cable channel 14).