by Britt Chester

A bus of earthly delights | @awfullybrittish

Food trucks aren’t the only former-brick-and-mortar establishments making waves in their respective communities: S2dio Supplies sells art materials whenever it can find a decent parking spot.

The bus, a shortened version of your typical school bus, travels around the Triad full of supplies to meet artist’s needs who might be coming up short while shopping at the big-box supply houses. But just this week, Hieronymus’ work will be covering the bus as it moves around the cities.

“This kind of came out of Bibi’s concept of her store “” an art store on wheels “” it was a blank canvas in terms of what I was looking at,” Hieronymus said, shortly after finishing.

This past Sunday, Hieronymus and Bibi Coyne, owner of S2dio Supplies, set up shop across the street from the Milton Rhodes Art Center. The project was originally slated to take one day, but due to daylight savings time, more time was needed. Coyne scrambled to find a location that would allow her and Hieronymus to finish the piece, even if it meant simply setting up in her driveway, but ultimately the MRAC allowed them to finish in the driveway on Monday.

“Painting in front of an audience is a different experience,” he said, relating that it rather caught him off guard when people started snapping photos and watching his process.

It didn’t bother him too much, though, and he was able to complete the project shortly before sundown on Monday.

Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines even came down just was he was finishing.

Although Hieronymus currently resides in Los Angeles, he does manage to make it back to Winston-Salem regularly. Stating that though he is not technically from Winston-Salem, he does have roots here, and when he does come back he’s happy that he’s able to contribute to the art scene.

Prior to painting the S2dio bus, Hieronymus finished a mural on the wall outside of Mission Pizza located at 707 N. Trade St.

“The piece that I did on the back of Mission Pizza is a much more recent thing that is up to code, if you will,” regarding the actual imagery used in comparison with what is currently on the bus. The visual for the bus, though still in his style, is not something that is a valid representation of the artistic movement he is currently in.

“(On the bus) I’m playing with patterns from the spray can, line qualities, color spectrums, and really not being consistent with my other work, in terms of using certain colors,” he said. “Sometimes I plan things out to a ‘T’ but always leaving room for improvisation. I’m not an illustrator, and I like the process of painting.”

The image at Mission Pizza is essentially a chicken, an image he thought was challenging, but one that also has a subtle message in the eye of the bird. In fine print, if there is such a thing in art, it says “CAGE FREE.”

“I think the cage free idea is something where I’m always trying to add something more to a painting,” he added. “You can think about it a little bit more.”

Hieronymus will return to California near the end of November, but will be returning to Winston-Salem in January to hang some of his canvas art at Camino Bakery.

“That’s a realistic challenge for artists: It doesn’t matter where you are, you have to be in many places in order to survive,” he said. !


S2dio Supplies can be seen every Monday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the driveway of Milton Rhodes Art Center and every Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the UNCSA campus. Follow Hieronymus on Instagram (@mynameishieronymus), and visit his website (www. for updates on the artist.