Times are a-changing! Do you find yourself having a tough time keeping up with and paying for all the stations that are now showing, exclusively, something you really want to watch? For a long time you only had to subscribe to HBO or Showtime to be in the loop … until Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu created bingewatching. Now Starz has joined the fun with “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” the new 10-episode series sequel to the 1981 cult favorite “The Evil Dead.” Starz is so confident that it renewed the series for a second season three days before its premiere.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” which owes a great deal to “The Evil Dead,” has been renewed for season seven. But it doesn’t stop there. CBS, which produced the original “Star Trek,” with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, will launch the new “Star Trek” in January 2017. The premiere episode and all subsequent first-run episodes will then be available exclusively in the U.S.

on CBS’ All Access digital subscription service.

Mark Wahlberg soon will be worth $6 billion. Following “Daddy’s Home” with Will Farrell (out Christmas Day) and “Deepwater Horizon” with Kurt Russell, Gina Rodriguez, Kate Hudson and John Malkovich (dropping in September 2016), Wahlberg will be Steve Austin, “The Six Billion Dollar Man.” When the series came to TV in 1973, it was called “The Six Million Dollar Man,” with Lee Majors playing Austin, who became part of a top-secret government project after a near-fatal accident. With cutting-edge technology, he became the world’s first truly bionic man, with superpowers. Due to inflation, the bionics now cost a billion dollars. It starts shooting in September 2016 for a December 2017 opening, due no doubt to the special effects that need to be added.

The new James Bond film “Spectre” recouped $80 million of its $300 million cost in its first week in the United Kingdom, followed by long lines and high attendance in the U.S. after its Nov. 6 opening. However, Bradley Cooper’s latest effort, “Burnt,” failed to ignite, taking in less than half of its $20 million cost. That’s a far cry from his last film, “American Sniper,” which cost $59 million and earned $547 million.

The Robert Redford/Cate Blanchett film “Truth” cost nearly $15 million to make and only took in $1.1 million. Also unemployed is “Jobs,” with Michael Fassbender, which cost $30 million and despite good reviews made only $14.7 million. Ashton Kutcher’s “Steve Jobs” film in 2013 cost $12 million and made $36 million. It all only proves that it pays to get to the “Job” site first! !

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