Hanna Garrett

by Brian Clarey

photo by Kenny Lindsay

Hannah Garrett, this week’s 20-year-old Page Three model, comes to us from tiny Stoneville, NC, where she was born and raised. And if you’ve never heard of Stoneville, you’re not alone. ‘“Nobody’s heard of it,’” she says. ‘“It’s in Rockingham County.’” But even if you’ve never heard of her hometown, you’ll soon be hearing about the woman herself, especially if you like to pile your hair on top of your head. Hannah, who currently works as a stylist at Radiance Salon, calls herself ‘“The queen of the up-do.’” It says so right on her business card. ‘“I love to do them,’” she says.’” When she’s not defying the laws of physics with curlers and hairspray, Hannah likes to shop and head out to her parent’s house in Myrtle Beach. ‘“I’ve been going there since I was six years old.’” Would-be suitors beware: Hannah was recently taken off the market when her boyfriend Brandon popped the question. One guess as to how she’ll wear her hair on her wedding day.