Hannah Hawkins

by Brian Clarey

This week’s Page Three model, Hannah Hawkins, is more than just a rainy day woman ‘— she’s a bona fide movie star, albeit on the other side of the camera. She got her start in the film industry working as a production assistant on the yet-to-be-released The Trouble With Frank, shot here in Greensboro and starring Jon Bon Jovi, and she quickly became indispensable, earning a promotion to assistant production coordinator before shooting was done. But get a good look now because she won’t be here long. In the fall she moves to LA. ‘“I gave in and decided that I needed to go,’” she says. ‘“[In Greensboro] you can do commercials and furniture shoots all day long and pay the bills, but if you want to work on theatrical, big-budget pictures, you have to go.’” For now Hannah braves the rain in the middle of Elm Street and reminds us of the joys of precipitation.