Heather Hamby

by Brian Clarey

When a woman of Heather Camby’s talents agrees to pose for Page Three, she just does what comes naturally: she gets on stage. Here she is, in all her leopard skin glory, up on the boards at the Broach Theatre while her body instinctually soaks up the spotlight. She’s no stranger to the stage. Heather has been working the pageant circuit since she was a teenager ‘— she’s been Miss Forsyth County, Miss Thomasville, Miss Asheboro and Miss Hickory, yet she says she’s often misunderstood. ‘“Musicals,’” she says. ‘“That’s my thing’… my drug.’” The 24-year-old is a 2003 graduate of UNCG, where she originally majored in drama but switched to human development and earned a degree with so many words it barely fit on the sheepskin. And when she’s not shining on stage, she manages a Triad facility for people living with HIV. ‘“It’s a day job that matters,’” she says.