Here, there and everywhere: Quentin Tarantino on screen and on radio

by Mark Burger

It’s always an event when Quentin Tarantino makes a new film, and this holiday season will see the release of his latest, Django Unchained, scheduled for Christmas Day and inspired by the classic 1966 spaghetti Western Django. The new film stars Jamie Foxx (in the title role), Christoph Waltz (who waltzed off with the Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for Tarantino’s 2009 World War II adventure The Inglorious Basterds), Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Dern, Kerry Washington, Don Johnson, Amber Tamblyn, James Remar, Zoe Bell, Robert Carradine, long-time Tarantino favorite Samuel L. Jackson and Franco Nero (the original Django) in a special appearance.

Since his explosive feature debut Reservoir Dogs 20 years ago, Quentin Tarantino has been a genre unto himself — his films loaded with familiar faces, non-stop B-movie injokes, funky music, blazing violence and dark humor. What’s not to love?

Earlier this week, NCM Fathom teamed up with Miramax Films and IGN to present a special screening of that film, and this Thursday the celebration continues with a special screening of his Oscar-winning 1994 anthology Pulp Fiction, which will be shown locally at Brassfield Cinema 10 (2101 New Garden Road, Greensboro) and Greensboro Grande Stadium 16 (3205 Northline Ave., Greensboro).

The film features an all-star cast: John Travolta (in a big comeback), Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel (from Reservoir Dogs), Tim Roth, Christopher Walken, Amanda Plummer, Eric Stoltz, Rosanna Arquette, Ving Rhames, Maria de Medeiros, Steve Buscemi and Tarantino himself, in the role of Jimmy.

In addition to the film, viewers will enjoy a special documentary tracing Tarantino’s illustrious career and a selection of vintage movie trailers hand-picked by Tarantino himself. (Tarantino named his production company Rolling Thunder Pictures; don’t be surprised if you see the trailer for that 1977 action blowout starring William Devane and Tommy Lee Jones, which he has long cited as a personal favorite.)

Miramax and LionsGate has recently released the Tarantino XX: 8-Film Collection on Blu-ray, which features Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, Jackie Brown (1997), Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004), 2007’s Death Proof (from Grindhouse) and True Romance (1993), for which he wrote the original screenplay. (The retail price is $119.99.)

“There is no doubt that Quentin Tarantino’s writing and directorial style has reinvented filmmaking as we know it,” said Shelly Maxwell, the executive vice-president of NCM Fathom Events, in an official statement.

Pulp Fiction won the Palme d’Or at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival and earned seven Academy Award nominations: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Travolta), Best Supporting Actor (Jackson), Best Supporting Actress (Thurman) and Best Editing, with Tarantino and Roger Avary winning Oscars for Best Original Screenplay. The film also became the first indie to cross the $100 million gross in domestic box-office and most certainly gave a big boost to the visibility of Miramax Films and its founders, Harvey and Bob Weinstein.

Showtimes at Greensboro Grande are 7 pm and tickets are $12.50, 2 pm and 7 pm at Brassford and tickets are $11.50 (general admission), $10.50 (senior citizens) and $9.50 (children under 12). The film is rated R for violence and language. For advance tickets or more information, see www.Fathom- or

For those who can’t get enough of Quentin Tarantino, Sirius XM will present “Tarantino on Tarantino,” an in-depth, exclusive Town Hall Event premiering Wednesday at 6 pm on SiriusXM Stars Too (Channel 104), with encore airings at 8 pm, Thursday at 6 pm and 8 pm, and Saturday at 11 pm.

“Quentin Tarantino is a singular talent in Hollywood,” said Scott Greenstein, the president and chief content officer for SiriusXM, in a statement. “With his iconic career, encyclopedic knowledge of film and music and groundbreaking style, I can think of few people more perfectly suited to sit down with our listeners at a SirusXM Town Hall and offer them a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Tarantino joins a long list of renowned entertainers and public figures who have participated in Town Hall events, including Oliver Stone (who directed 1994’s Natural Born Killers, based on Tarantino’s original story — only he didn’t like the results and has said so ever since), Tom Petty, Carol Burnett, members of the rock groups KISS and Coldplay, Gregg Allman and Bruce Springsteen.

Tarantino will sit down in front of a live studio audience as SiriusXM’s headquarters in New York City to talk about his career (and talk up Django Unchained, no doubt) and answer questions from listeners and fans.

“SiriusXM’s Town Hall with Quentin Tarantino” will be made available on Sirius XM On Demand after it airs for subscribers. For more information about this and other SiriusXM events, visit the official website: