Hieronymus Returns to Winston-Salem

by Daniel Schere

Winston-Salem graffiti artist Hieronymus is embarking on yet another public art venture, and this one will be seen around the city.

Hieronymus has partnered with S2dio Supplies to paint its supply bus at the Sunset Flicks festival at 11am on Sunday. The festival will be held in the parking lot at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts and will feature live music, food, entertainment and a screening of the movie “Goonies” at 7pm.

S2dio Supplies owner Bibi Coyne said before contacting Hieronymus, who now lives in California, she had seen his murals on Trade Street and was familiar with his work.

“He was sort of an enigma,” she said. “I had never met him. I’d known his name for years and I began to recognize his style.”

Coyne said a friend alerted her that he was back in town and might be the right person to paint her bus.

“It all happened when I was at Coffee Park setting up my shop,” she said. “My friend came by and I was about to start drawing on the bus with a sharpie marker because I was determined to get some art on here. But I was disappointed and I wanted it to be more fabulous than marker. But I had cleaned off my bus and was just ready to start when my friend had a conversation with me and I told her what I was about to do, and she said you should get Hieronymus to paint your bus.”

Coyne said they met up and had a great conversation, where Hieronymus agreed to paint the bus for a fair fee.

Arts council marketing director Katherine Bowman said Coyne usually parks her bus outside the Milton Rhodes Center on Mondays, but the timing happened to work out for this event.

“She has been looking for someone who can help her make a statement with her bus,” Bowman said.

She said the bus is exactly the type of public display the city is aiming to showcase.

We’re hugely supportive of public art here in Winston-Salem and you couldn’t get much more definitive of public art and a public art bus will be transporting that art around the community,” Bowman said.

Coyne said she is excited to see what Hieronymus paints and thinks people should understand that art can take many forms, including those of a more casual mentality.

Using street art I think really captures that urban feel. I definitely cater to professional artists with some really high quality supplies. This is a very unusual way of purchasing supplies for my bus and I want us to have that sort of street art excitement,” she said. “I have every confidence that whatever Hieronymus does it’s going to have that sort of effect.”