High Point closing ranks on Longworth

by Jim Longworth

What began as a YES! Weekly column on pet shootings by High Point Police [‘“High Point Police’s pet policy needs fixing’”; May 3, 2006] has escalated into threats against me personally, and a cover up by officials.

Two weeks ago in my column (and on ‘“Triad Today’”), I called for an investigation of any High Point officer who killed a pet dog. Shortly thereafter, I received an anonymous e-mail from, claiming to be a High Point cop.

The email was laced with profanities, including the use of the F-word in the context of what I could go do to myself. More importantly, it also included a not-so-veiled threat saying, ‘“I hope you don’t like visiting High Point, because I’m sure you have made 250 new friends.’”

The threat referred to the number of cops in High Point, and implied that they would harm me if they spotted me in the city.

I contacted Police Chief Jim Fealy’s office, and for two days went back and forth with Major Derek Stafford, who refused to do anything about the threatening e-mail.

Here’s the problem: We either have someone out there impersonating a police officer and making threats over the internet (which constitutes two crimes), or we have an actual cop making threats against a citizen, which is a more serious crime.

In either scenario, Fealy should have investigated. His refusal to do so only arouses suspicions that his department condones intimidation of citizens.

And so I am calling for a city council investigation to see what coward was behind the e-mail, and why the police refused to act.

Until then, it seems that I will have something in common with a pet dog: Neither of us can feel safe in High Point.

Jim Longworth is host of ‘“Triad Today’” which can be seen Friday mornings at 6:30 a.m. on ABC 45 (cable channel 7), and Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on UPN 48 (cable channel 14).