Hip Hop duo MadameFirm determined to overcome stigma toward female rappers

by Kashif Stone

“Their sassy diva style, hip hop innovate sound, and the fact that they are real sisters help in knowing that this group is a marketable force to be reckoned with,” said MadameFirm manager and marketing director Christopher Bass, crediting the group for delivering a grand performance every time they hit the stage. The duo is made up of two talented sisters who are more than your typical lyricists.

Camillia Bass and Natieya Still were born and raised in Niagara Falls, New York. Growing up in a challenged town allowed the sisters to encounter lessons that they later incorporated into their music. As young girls they participated in several activities such as drill teams, dance groups, local talent shows, and anything that would allow them to express themselves intrinsically.

Living so close to Canada and Toronto, diversity was never an issue with musical tastes as their style comes from a blend of New York and Canadian influences. In July, MadameFirm released their single “You Don’t Have to Be” off their self-titled up-and-coming EP album. The yearlong project was produced by Andre Manuel, and engineered by Moe Beats of Dayton, Ohio, certain to make sure the sound was just right for their fans.

MadameFirm has traveled across states from New York to Atlanta performing their new single. This summer they were nominated for Best New Group at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards in Cleveland, Ohio. The group has performed in front of hundreds of fans, been interviewed by several radio stations, and even gained broadcast exposure. “The local Fox News 45 in Dayton, Ohio has recognized our group with a special in-house interview on our accomplishments, which was aired directly after the hit T.V. show “Empire”, said Madame- Firm. Next year the group will be touring with prospective partners and promoting their new album “MadameFirm”.

The group has sparked interest with several individuals in the music industry, but have yet to make any concrete decisions on who they want to sign with. “Our best interest has to be priority,” said MadameFirm, “so currently we are not under any contract and don’t mind moving forward until the right opportunity comes.” There are several major record labels that the group is open to signing and working with such as Jive Records. However, the duo wants to be certain that they are in a market and working with management who understands them, has the right connections, and is willing to take them to the next level before committing to a contract.

Overcoming stigmas toward female rappers is MadameFirm’s ultimate goal for doing music. “The music industry can be very degrading to women of all colors and ages so our priority is to uplift, encourage, and inspire anyone we reach,” said MadameFirm. “This is accomplished by not revealing our physical assets in a derogatory way and maintaining a professional relationship with all those we come in contact with.” Gaining inspiration from exceptional female artists such as Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, Salt N Peppa, and Queen Latifah aid MadameFirms’ confidence toward success in Hip Hop.

In January, MadameFirm will be releasing their self-titled project and anticipates expanding their name throughout North Carolina and the Triad through out 2016.

For inquires or more information, email MadameFirm at madamefirm@gmail. com, or visit their website madamefirm. com and their social media profiles:, madamefirm, !