Hot Tub runs cold

by Mark Burger

Whatever comedic inspiration or innovation that made Hot Tub Time Machine a sleeper hit in 2010 has clearly run dry, as the belated and unnecessary Hot Tub Time Machine 2 demonstrates early and often.

Rob Corddry (also an executive producer), Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Collette Wolf and Kellie Stewart reprise their roles, as does Chevy Chase in a brief cameo as the repairman. Director Steve Pink and screenwriter Josh Heald are back on board, but John Cusack has wisely opted out “” seen only in flashbacks and photographs. In the stead of his character, Adam, we have his son, also named Adam, who is “” fittingly “” played by Adam Scott.

Once again, the boys take a dip into the hot tub, but this time find themselves in the future. Not that it matters much because in any time-frame this is the kind of lame sequel that besmirches fond memories of the original. The jokes and sight gigs are plenty raunchy, but few of them are remotely amusing. Corddry tries to bring some manic energy to the proceedings, but Robinson and Duke appear vaguely embarrassed “¦ and who can blame them?

Among the (very) few bright spots is Christian Slater, playing the gleefully obnoxious host of a futuristic reality- TV game show called “Choozy Doozy.” It’s a surprise to see him here, and he looks like he’s having fun. If so, he’s in the minority. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is a terrible two. !