How petty crime led to a writing stint

by Trey Hudson

Please let me take a minute to introduce myself to you the readers of YES! Weekly. I would like to express my total excitement with the opportunity that has been given to me and the most unlikely manner in which it all happened.

If I did it, as OJ might say, this is how it would have happened.

It was December of last year and I was driving home with a friend. We had been drinking coffee downtown at one of our favorite spots. Most of the evening had been spent talking and exchanging expectations of the upcoming holidays. As we approached the entrance to our neighborhood, I spotted a parked van with company logos on the side, but not just any logos. To my surprise, my beloved local newpaper’s headquarters were only a minute’s drive away from my home.

Every day as I rode by the parking lot, I glanced over to see if the van was there. My mischievious side compelled me to spring into action. I devised a plan of attack and chose my partner in crime (for fear of incrimination, I’ll refer to him as Robert).

Robert and I waited until just the right time, when our adrenaline was pumping and we were feeling fearless. We whipped our cars into the parking lot, each occupying the spaces on either side of the van.

With our cars concealing our devious act, we peeled the large magnets off, exposing the lighter shade of paint that shadowed the magnets’ place. We sped out of the lot like a couple of bank robbers. Robert and I rendezvoused down the road to share our feeling of accomplishment.

I am now approaching the year anniversary of that faithful night in which this “crime” was committed and ironically it has lead me to writing this. Through a number of acquaintances, my name was exposed as the one who conspired this act of larceny. Fortunately for me, the right person saw my act as inspired love for the publication, which was truly my intent. So here I am now given the opportunity to write for this paper I stole from. My name is Trey Hudson. And I am sorry.

Trey Hudson stole the YES! Weekly logo magnets from our van last year. We tracked him down and put him to work. He swears he will never do it again.