Hunt and Sykes deserve closure

by Jim Longworth

The new documentary on Darryl Hunt’s wrongful imprisonment for the 1984 murder of Deborah Sykes won’t be seen nationwide until 2007. That will give Winston-Salem officials a year to plan for damage control.

The film shows how Twin City police and prosecutors partnered with Ku Klux Klansmen and other scurrilous witnesses to convict Darryl, while concealing evidence from the Defense about the real murderer, Willard Brown. And even though Darryl has been exonerated, we can’t get closure. Former policeman who kept one of Brown’s rape victims from clearing Hunt now refuse to cooperate with a citizens committee investigating what went wrong.

I agree with Hunt advocate Larry Little who wanted racist prosecutors to be tried for attempted murder for their role in nearly sending Darryl to the gas chamber for a crime they knew he didn’t commit. At the very least, these former police officers should be compelled to come clean, and they along with the corrupt prosecutors should finally be brought to justice.

Sykes and Hunt deserve no less.

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