I, Anomaly prepares for new EP release

by Rebecca Harrelson

I, Anomaly | Photo by Jeremy Maynard

The Triad is again cranking out another fantastic band. Ifyou have not heard of I, Anomaly yet, you will soon. The trio is made up of leadsinger Cory Wood, guitarist Joshua Ling and drummer Mark Wingerter.

I, Anomaly is putting out their second EP, Lost in the Waves, with an EP releaseparty this Sunday at the Garage in Winston Salem. Greensboro’s The Collection will beperforming that evening as well as Victoria Victoria.

Drummer for I, Anomaly Mark Wingerter was bitten by themusical bug at an early age and has been playing drums for over 20 years. “Myparents loved music, my extended family loved music. It’s always been a part ofmy life so it was natural to become a musician,” Wingerter said.

Backup vocals and guitarist Joshua Ling said there wasnothing more natural than playing music. “I’ve never thought about not playingmusic. It’s a way to deal with life. The songs I write are how I processcertain things,” Ling said.

There is something distinctive about this EP. The tracks,the vocals, the instruments are welded together in a way that allows anyone torelate to the gut wrenching lyrics some of these songs hold. Cory Wood, songwriterfor the majority of this album and the band’s lead singer, speaks candidlyabout his experience making this EP. “These songs are personal and have a lot [of]anguish toward myself and the life experiences that lead to write the songs. Soplaying them live is a hard thing [for] me vocally. Having to go back to a timethat made me angry or sad emotionally is heavy,” Wood said.

Gearing up for each show and preparing to open himself againis part of Wood’s creative process.

“Clearing my mind before a show and getting to that placehelps me come across true to the songs. Hoping that the listener will engage asmuch as I do, is my goal every show. Taking them to that place just as I havegone,” Wood said.

The guys worked with Stephen Price on this EP, who mixed andmastered each song. Price happens to be Ling’s brother in law, “my sister—whois my best friend, was really influential in getting him on board,” Ling said.

Each member of I, Anomaly had rave reviews about workingwith Price. “Truthfully he’s a wizard. A real life Gandalf with magical powersthat can turn the ordinary into something mind blowing. He was so gracious totake the time to work through each song with us and find the best parts. It wasa great experience to have him craft this record for us,” Wingerter said.

All three members felt honored to have gone through theprocess of working with Price and being in the studio.

“I’m a hard person to understand in most cases and Stephanunderstood that and pushed me in ways I don’t think anyone else could,” Woodsaid. The vibe and comfort in a studio is always an important element, allowingartists to open up and push themselves to record the truth.

“I’ve never experienced anyone creatively on point with theband as Stephan was. He knew the direction we needed and wanted to go and hepushed us to get there,” Wood said.

A heartbreaking song on the new EP is “Beautiful”, writtenby Wood. The song is honest and raw but remains relatable. “It’s also a songabout personal growth and moving past what you once thought to be beautiful,” Woodsaid. “Social suicide and losing people you had as friends, because of lostconnection or lost love. At the time I had seen this first hand with failedmarriages, personal friendships, lost connections. Looking back to findsomething beautiful to hold on too, via a memory or passing thought. Seeing thegood in people when the situation isn’t ideal.”