I can’t wait for the revolution

I sometimes picture America as the Death Star after it was blown up by Luke Skywalker’s proton torpedoes, with people on the outside looking at us saying, “that thing is operational?!” Like we were once a viable country with something powerful to offer the world, but now we are just scraping by and threatening war on anyone that flies within our airspace.

We are a country broken.

Our history is plagued with people who have made the concept of money their God and sacrificed any and all who step in the way of achieving that Godliness. It’s all around the world, yes, but we don’t live all around the world, we live in America.

For God’s sake, Donald Trump is running for President of the United States, and it’s being reported that the guy is actually winning. He’s insulted immigrants, women, migrant workers, minorities… essentially he’s like the ultimate white supremacist disguised as a businessman and wearing a toupee instead of a hood.

I was told something recently that hasn’t left my thought: Our generation will outlive the people who oppressed us in the name of money.

It gives me chills to think about this.

To think that the families and legacies that supposedly built this country, enslaved this country, developed banking systems to keep certain people in poverty and others wealthy in this country, and lobby politicians to maintain status among the elite in this country, will be dead in our lifetime.

I don’t wish death upon anyone, but when we the people wake up from this nightmarish freedom-less society that disguised itself as happy and thriving, a revolution will ultimately be the result.

There will be total mayhem. And I want to be around to see it. Having never been monetarily wealthy, nor possessing the drive to be monetarily wealthy, I never understood the allure of being “rich.” You get to drive a fancy car. You get to take airplanes that offer more legroom. You get to eat at restaurants that make you dress a certain way. You swipe your plastic card without thinking about the dent it will make in your bank account.

I’m not a well-traveled man of the world, so I can’t say what others are thinking when it comes to our society. I know that there are some cultures that look at us with disdain, and I’d like to think it’s because we pay rapists and murderers millions of dollars to throw a leather almond around a green patch of field. Or that an entire family managed to carve a career based on a sex tape their daughter made with a b-list rapper. Or that people actually write checks to Paris Hilton for anything.

We are lied to on a regular basis by the very news sources we look to for information, which are owned and operated by a select group of people that allow for censorship when it affects the bottom line. The news sources that are reliable are cutting positions left and right because people don’t think that newspapers are where they get their news, yet print real estate for advertising is still one of the most valuable resources for business. It saddens me that newspapers, the original source for spreading information quickly, are going the way of the Dodo. People say that everything is going digital, yet just about everything on a screen can’t be trusted. Printed words can, though.

The value of human life has dwindled to the point where we can actually watch police officers killing other humans on the Internet. Think about that.

You can watch humans actually killing other humans in a non-war setting. In the instance where it’s the police killing humans, it seems they have come to learn that the value of human life is so little that it’s actually OK to kill the people who pay the taxes that gives them the job to protect them.

Taxes pay police officer salaries.

Taxes are paid by civilians. Police officers are paid to protect civilians, the people who pay their salaries. And police officers are killing them.

That’s gross negligence. And stupidity.

At what point does a police officer step back and say, “maybe I should keep my gun in the holster, after all, if I kill enough of these people, I’ll be out of a job.”

It’s not as rampant as that, obviously, but you get the idea. Actually, it is that rampant. It’s rampant enough that kids now will grow up so desensitized.

Robots are replacing human jobs – I hate self-checkout at grocery stores.

At what point did we as a culture stop looking to advance ourselves as humans and instead give that right to technology?

It doesn’t make any sense. !