by Daniel Schere

Muddy Creek Cafe is worth the drive | @Daniel_Schere

Some restaurants are known for their convenience and easy access from points all over the map. Muddy Creek Cafe does not fit that description, but it is the type of place that foodies, tourists and music lovers will get a kick out of.

Located in historic Bethania, about 15 minutes Northwest of downtown Winston-Salem, Muddy Creek Cafe blends native southern foods with newer trends. For a twist, try the New South Pimento panini, which features their homemade pimento cheese between two grilled panini bread slices and an optional spicy bacon and tomato.

Owner Shana Whitehead started the business almost three years ago and was intrigued by the concept of adding a restaurant to the old mill in Bethania, which already contained several shops.

“I kept driving by and thinking, that would make a really nice cafe,” she said. “It has a nice look, it has a nice feel, this is a great little community.”

Whitehead was already living in the area and had worked for several natural food cafes while she was in high school and college. She has a degree in business administration and said she thought it was time to get back into the restaurant business.

“When it’s in your blood, it’s in your blood,” she said.

Whitehead describes the menu at Muddy Creek Cafe as “simple and rustic.”

“We do simple sandwiches but we do them really well,” she said.

The menu also features deli-style sandwiches like a tuna melt on rye bread, or a corned-beef Reuben. Everything is made from scratch, and Whitehead said they put an emphasis on local ingredients. The cafe also features local wines and Krankies Coffee. She said despite the location, popularity has grown in the three years by word of mouth.

“We are off the beaten path so it takes people a little time to find us,” she said.

Whitehead said they have participated in several local events such as a pimento cheese throwdown in April that brought several pimento cheese makers together to help raise money for a horse rescue effort. They also took part in the black walnut festival””an annual event hosted by the town of Bethania that includes food, music, the arts and prize giveaways. Muddy Creek Cafe features live music on weekends and hosts an open mic night every Thursday.

“Those activities really get the word out,” Whitehead said. “It brings new people out here, they try the food, they love it and they come back.”

Whitehead said she has considered the possibility of expansion, but doesn’t plan to make any changes right now.

“We have some other ideas that we’d like to explore, but this is definitely staying as is,” she said. !


Muddy Creek Cafe is open from 10 am-3 pm Monday, 10 am-7:30 pm Tuesday through Thursday, 10 am-9:30 pm Friday, 8 am-9:30 pm Saturday and 11 am-6pm Sunday. There is live music Friday and Saturday night in addition to Sunday afternoon. Open mic night is every Thursday night. They are located at 5455 Bethania Road in Winston-Salem. For more information call 336-923-8623 or visit