Ignoring immigration imperils national security and politicans’ careers

by Ian A. Millar

Having read the article “ICE’d out”, I have to say the article was informative while at the same time confusing at best. I have several comments I’d like to make in as much as this is not only a very volatile subject but is also a matter of national security. Obviously anyone following information coming out of the Washington political machine will have noted the almost total abandonment of this subject matter by political types on both sides of the aisle. Although I have no data to back it up I would not be surprised if the greater percentage of politicians are not getting an earful from disgruntled legal citizens of this country. Politicians with few exceptions are turning a deaf ear to the matter not only at their peril but of greater import the peril of the United States.

The article while presenting an interesting overview of the topic of illegal aliens and the deportation of a small portion of this group of criminals leaves me scratching my head for some more data. Time after time we find the term “illegal immigrant” being used which in this case is 50 percent incorrect. They are not immigrants to this country rather they are foreign nationals who are here as the result of their invading this country in total disregard to legal immigration procedures. I hasten to add that they are also not undocumented immigrants either, rather we return to the proper term “illegal alien,” a form of criminal at large in our country. It goes without much discussion that those people/groups who are pro-illegal alien want a softer kinder term used when referring to them. However all the PC, BS aside they remain “illegal aliens.” Writers should strive to use the proper terminology.

I note in the article comments from various law enforcement agencies that they are not concerned with the immigration status of anyone and that they will make no effort to pursue or apprehend those breaking the laws of this country. The last time I checked North Carolina was a part of the United States and sharing in the laws of the country as a whole. So now we have some members of law enforcement making up their own rules as to which laws they deem worthy of enforcement. With tongue in cheek I ask if those who intend to ignore bank robbery in their jurisdictions will let us know so that we may avail ourselves of some easy cash. The salient point being that the law is the law, that is to say all of it, not just what some local sheriff thinks is right or wrong. Added to this we have Orange County where officials seemingly would prefer no law and order at all in their quest for the socialist utopia.

Added to various law enforcement agencies and some town/city/county officials who prefer to close their eyes we also have groups like UNCG’s Center for New North Carolinians and other activist groups that portray themselves as pro-immigrant which in fact it is obvious they are not. They are aiding and abetting criminals and criminal activity here in North Carolina and elsewhere. I have yet to see any of these groups show what efforts they are making to stem the tide of illegal aliens and I rather doubt they can do so as their help is not geared for the true legal immigrant coming to the USA. All we hear from these groups are crocodile tears about how unfair it is to arrest and deport illegal aliens. How sad it is that when some family breadwinner is arrested and deported they are left in a quandary about what to do. There is no need for any worry, being illegal aliens too they should be put on the same flight back to wherever along with the one arrested. Then more tears about all the school kids. Don’t they have schools in Mexico in which the kids can attend? Why should we the taxpayer be footing the bill to educate illegal aliens? Why do we never, and I mean never, read any articles or letters from law abiding Hispanics who are here legally about how this negligence is impacting their lives as it does other non-Hispanic legal citizens?

This subject matter is being kicked up and down the field and it does not only pertain to Mexican illegal aliens, there are other ethnic groups in the same situation. Various Asian groups, Irish illegal aliens up north, illegals from Africa and the Middle East. The long and short of it all is that if the aim is to destroy the United States as a strong country, then we are on the right track. Perhaps it is already too late, certainly we have no national leadership in this or other domestic matters and in the long run it may well come to a showdown between real Americans and those who are here to suck the life out of law abiding citizens. I salute those members of the law enforcement community who are engaged in this very dangerous and demanding task of removing illegal aliens from this country. I would close with a thought that obviously few illegal aliens have considered. Why don’t you go back to your homelands and stand up and fight for a better life instead of bowing down before some tin pot dictator? We have prisons full of criminals here already. In fact we have more than enough without you adding to the number.

Ian A. Millar lives in Kernersville.