Introducing Postcard from the edge

by Brian Clarey

Nobody sends postcards anymore. The familiar rectangles with pictorial scenes of far-flung locales or points of interest on one side and hastily scrawled messages of the “Wish you were here” on the other were once the preferred method of giving family and friends a small taste of whatever interesting place you happened to be in, a dispatch from the not-so-ordinary corners of the world. And we want to see more of them. So with this issue YES! Weekly begins a new feature, Postcard from the Edge, a monthly installment open to artists (both insiders and outsiders) in our reading area. The space is 7×4.5 inches and it’s a blank slate. Fill it with a sketch or a painting or a photograph or a poem. Tell us who you are and how you make your art. We’ll run the best of the best in this spot every month. Send admissions to Brian Clarey, 5500 Adams Farm Lane Suite 204, Greensboro, NC 27407, or e-mail to And check out this week’s entry, David Piephoff’s portrayal of him with YES! Weekly News Editor Jordan Green drinking beer on a porch after the SuperJam.