Looking back at the Oscars, particularly the telecast — it has turned into a fashion show. On the red carpet, instead of the stars being asked what they think will happen, what will be awarded, etc., it’s “What are you wearing? Whose jewels are those?” And if only something could be done to omit those boring “thank yous” from the winners. I’m told by Joan Fontaine and other statuette winners that in the old days it wasn’t like this. It was all about the role, the movie, the music or whatever was the winner. And further on those frantically hysterical “thank yous.” They definitely belong in the office of a psychiatrist. So, Okay. Call me Mrs. Scrooge. And now, let’s look forward to what is about to and what will happen. Ellen DeGeneres is hopping to the big screen to voice a character in Dog Show, about a stray dog and her misfit friends who shake up the purebred world of a Westminster-type dog show. Ellen will not only voice one of the doggies, she also will executive produce the film. She hasn’t been involved in a big-screen project since Finding Nemo in 2003. We haven’t seen Sandra Bullock for a while, but now she’s set to star in Blindside. The powers that be are calling this a “sports dramedy.” It’s the screen adaptation of the best-selling novel by Michael Lewis, about a homeless black teen from a broken home taken in by a well-do-do white family. Bullock will play the matriarch of the conservative suburban household. It will be interesting to see how Bullock plays a Sandra Bullock matriarch. Looks like Cate Blanchett will portray Maid Marian in Universal’s upcoming Robin Hood film that hasn’t been give a name as yet. It was originally titled Nottingham, but that has been changed. Russell Crowe is set to star as Robin

Hood, and we’ll list the rest of the cast as it comes in. Richard Burton: Prince of Players (Skyhorse Publishers) has been out for several months now. If you are a Burton fan and haven’t yet read it, grab it. The author, Michael Munn, tells of Burton’s stunning performances as Hamlet, Alexander the Great, Mark Antony and many others. Munn also tells of the women in his life, e.g. Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe (yup, Marilyn) and several others. Add to this tales of his nightlife with Errol Flynn, Frank Sinatra and other carousers, and you will have yourself quite a read! Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts and Josh Brolin. Quite a cast, wouldn’t you say? These lined up for Woody Allen’s next, and typically that’s all the “Woodster”

will say about a film, except that it will shoot in London. Of course he wrote the script. Of course he will direct, and that’s all we get for now. *** BITS ‘N’ PIECES: The Slumdog kids had a ball at the Oscar ball. They were allowed to stay up till long after midnight, and they loved every minute of it…. Clint Eastwood proudly accepted the Lifetime Achievement Palme d’Or at the Festival de Cannes in France…. Samuel Jackson has signed an unprecedented nine-picture deal with Marvel movies…. Britney changes her hair color like we change our bedding (once a week). This week her tresses are a dark, dark black. No predicting next week. Copyright 2009 King Features Syndicate