Faith Ford, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Lucy Hale are set to star in Sorority, a feature film about the cutthroat world of college sororities. This the story of an 18-year-old freshman who creates a great commotion when she snubs a sorority founded by her mother’s friend and joins another one instead. I’m certain this will recall college days for many readers. I joined a social sorority without too much incident, but in my junior year I was asked to join Alpha Sigma Sigma — the honor society. We were dubbed “assets” and for the initiation were made to eat an entire big bowl of dried oats. Since then I have never eaten oatmeal in any shape, form or whatever. Looks like Anthony Hopkins will portray Ernest Hemingway in an upcoming film titled Hemingway and Fuentes. This will revolve around the relationship “Papa” Hemingway had with his longtime fishing boat captain, Gregorio Fuentes. And what a career Hopkins has had. Who will ever forget his portrayal of Hannibal Lector in The Silence of the Lambs? I suppose you know by now that Oprah and Ellen are good buddies. After a brief controversy over “sharing” the cover of a magazine, the two top talkers of TV have faced off and will face together on the cover of O. Oh? Dennis Quaid as President Clinton? ‘Tis so. Word is he will portray William Jefferson and Julianne Moore will take on the role of Mrs. C., better know in political circles as Hillary. This for a movie for HBO titled The Special Relationship. Meanwhile in real life, the Clintons “carry on.” (Interpret the above statement as you wish.) And an aside to Richard F. of Nashville,

Tenn.: Yes, I do agree. Chelsea looks a lot lovelier with long, straight blond hair. Remember when she first came to the White House it was brown and frizzy? Life goes on. Vanessa Redgrave, still mourning the death of daughter Natasha Richardson, has joined the as-yet-untitled Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe. She will play Eleanor of Aquitaine, mother of King John. One thing I never knew till now. Judy Garland was barely 5 feet tall. So, producers are having a hard time finding an actress who can sing — and is that short — to portray her in a biopic titled Get Happy. At the moment, it looks as if Anne Hathaway, star of Rachel Getting Married, could be the actress singing “Over the Rainbow.”

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Nicole Kidman joins the starstudded cast of Woody Allen’s pic now in progress. … A biopic of Steve McQueen now in the works to shoot shortly. … Have you noticed Kyra Sedgwick’s face on the bottle of Tropicana’s new orange juice. She’s certain to be making a “pretty penny” from this. … David Letterman finally has legally said “I do” to Regina Lasko, his “significant other” and the mom of his son, Harry. … AND it’s nice and quiet in my “hood.” No choppers buzzing about day and night looking for Paris and Lindsay. The ladies are enjoying their new digs several miles away. Thank heaven!

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