HOLLYWOOD — Tom Selleck has joined the cast of “FiveKillers.” Ashton Kutcher stars in this story of a hitman atthe top of his game. He falls for a lovely computer tech anddecides to hang up his guns. Years later,their blissful life is shattered when helearns there is a hit out on him. So heand his spooked wife set out on the run.Selleck plays the father of the couple. Inreal life, Tom is happily married to Jillie,and happily fathers Hannah. He alsokeeps busy after work hours overseeinghis avocado ranch and riding his horses.

Cameron Diaz next stars in“Swingles.” It’s a light comedy, and I quote how the plotreads. “Swingles” focuses on a man and a woman whoserespective best friends meet and fall in love, leaving bothwithout a wingman/woman for the first time in their adultlives. Despite their antagonism, the two remaining singlesjoin forces to help each other find romantic partners. (Youfigure?) At the moment, Cameron has traded her short blondhairdo for long brownish-red tresses. It’s a whole new look(which could change again tomorrow).Drew Barrymore’s next will be a romantic comedy titled “Going the Distance,” opposite ex-boyfriend Justin Long. It’s about a couple who try to keep a romance going although separated. She moves to Chicago to become a middle-school teacher, while he stays behind in a small town. That’s all I know about it for now. Amber Tamblyn’s next big-screen venture is Main Street, based on a novel by Horton Foote about residents of a closeknit Southern town who find their lives disrupted when a stranger arrives. Tamblyn’s star has taken off with films such as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt among her credits.

Quite a gala gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills when the Hollywood elite gathered for the 23rd annual Genesis Awards dinner. Everyone dressed to the “nines,” huggin’, kissin’ and applauding like mad. Ellen Degeneres and her live-in-love, Portia de Rossi, received The Humane Society’s Wyler Award for their “awareness of animal issues.” Among the many guests were Jamie Cromwell (no, Babe wasn’t there), Marg Helgenberger, Emily Deschanel and umpteen others. It looked like a scene from a movie when the Obamas met the Queen of England at the royal palace. I never realized how tiny Elizabeth is until she stood next to Michelle Obama.

BITS ‘N’ PIECES: A biopic of legendary singer Lou Rawls is in the works (meaning “being written”). … Believe it or not, next year’s Oscar date has already been set: March 7, 2010. … Kiefer Sutherland’s dad, Donald, is starring in a drama pilot titled “The Eastmans.” … Not everyone loved Marilyn Monroe. Director William Wilder said, “Directing her was like directing Lassie. It took 14 takes to get the bark right.” … And at this writing all is quiet overhead. No choppers looking for Paris and Lindsay. The ladies have been exceptionally “low key” for weeks, making things rather dull.

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