Jake Powlovich

by Brian Clarey

It’s a good week for nepotism here at YES! Weekly, so I’ve used my influence to put my younger sibling in this spot. Jake Powlovich is not actually related to me ‘— call him a brother from another mother, but I’ve known him since before he was old enough to drink (and also efficiently manage his personal life). These days Jake studies geography at UNCG. ‘“I’m an aspiring meteorologist,’” he says. ‘“When I graduate I might join the Air Force and become one of those hurricane hunters.’” For now an internship with the Greensboro Department of Transportation fills his spare time, along with bartending gigs at Hemingway’s Downtown and Mark’s on Westover, where we captured him for this shot. And if you’ve got a problem with the way he makes drinks, then the blame lies with me ‘— I taught him everything he knows.