Jamie Lynn Ward

by Jon Kir

During her American Idol audition, Reidsville’s Jamie Lynn Ward left the judging panel speechless – before even singing a note. When asked about herself, she told judges that she lived with her grandmother and father who was paralyzed as a result of a self inflicted gun wound. “His wife was cheating on him and he caught her in the act… so he shot her and then he shot himself.” After calming the judges in her syrupy Southern accent, she nailed Christina Aguilera’s “Reflections,” securing a spot in Idol’s Hollywood round. Ward was in Greensboro Friday night to sing the national anthem during the Women’s ACC Tournament at the coliseum. After having appeared on national television, I asked her why she seemed so nervous. “This is a lot of people!” she exclaimed. “When you’re on TV, there’s just that little camera in your face.”