JaySquid sees creative renaissance in Greensboro

by Rebecca Harrelson


“The more I immerse myself within the artist community the more I’m starting to see that it can seem like a ‘boys only’ club. have no problem walking into the clubhouse and setting up my things in hopes that more women follow suit.” Jamin Guinyard, who goes by the name JaySquid, explains her role here in the Greensboro art community.

Raised in Clayton, JaySquid has been in Greensboro for seven years. Graduating from NC A&T with a Bachelors in Graphic Communications and Printing and Publishing.

JaySquid explains the evolution her passion for art has taken, “Art has been a passion since birth. I’ve always had the urge to create. In addition to drawing all the time, remember building tiny plastic model cars and making little sculptures out of paper while growing up. Art used to just be a hobby that I would always pick up and put down. It was until about last year that I decided to turn it into my career.”

JaySquid is currently working with “Create Your City” creating a community mural that will be released for Hopfest. “I also work at “The Artist Bloc”. TAB is an art supply store, café, fine arts gallery and an all-around hub for artist in the Greensboro area.”

Greensboro is on the up and up, if you do not believe it then take it from JaySquid, “Since I’ve moved to Greensboro back in 2008 I feel like now is a beautiful time to be an artist in the city.”

“I’m all for the creative renaissance that’s happening at the moment. With that being said I’m always down to collaborate and link up with other artist or supporters to create something beautiful. I can be contacted via email at JaySquids@ or Instagram @TheSquids” !