Jeansboro Sculptures Unveiled

by Allison Stalberg

Zack Matheny at the Jeansboro unveiling.

Wrangler,VF Jeanswear and Downtown Greensboro representatives revealed on Tuesday newpublic artworks up and down Elm Street.

Sixjean statues now stand to commemorate Greensboro’s rich history with the denimand textile industry. These statues were all painted by Guilford County highschool students. Four out of six of the young artists were present for theunveiling of their work.

Theconcept of the 3D jean statues started last fall when Wrangler celebrated itsfirst Jeansboro Day.

“Itpays honor to all the men and women that went through the textile manufacturingprocess and built what is the city of Greensboro today,” said President ofDowntown Greensboro Inc., Zack Matheny. “When we unveil this — think of all thepeople that have gone through Greensboro, Jeansboro, worked in our textilemills, and got us to where we are today. Thank you Wrangler. Thank you ConeDenim.”

Vicepresident of marketing communications at VF Jeanswear, Craig Errington, said,”We wanted to make sure every generation from the young to the old eitherremember or become aware of our history. One of the things we wanted to do isput a lasting memento in place as well.”

Theyoung artists include Addie Magyar, Catherine Gray, Hallie Steadman, and SierraTolley from Northwest Guilford High School and Phoenix Brown and JordanClodfelter from New Garden Friends High School.

Thejean statues each have names.

“PsychedelicSpirit” is near Center City Park and “Symbols of Home” is on the corner ofWashington and Elm. The “Outdoor Escape” jean can be found near the ConeEntertainment Center. Near Cheesecakes by Alex is the “Tarheel Pride” jean.”Carolina State of Mind” was placed by Natty Greene’s and “General Greene” wasput on the corner of Lewis and Elm.

Manyof the jean statues were painted with symbols and images reflecting Greensboroand North Carolina’s history. For example, Steadman’s “Outdoor Escape” statuedepicts downtown Greensboro’s skyline, the Grasshopper Stadium, and animalsfrom the Greensboro Science Center. Brown’s “General Greene” has the statue ofNathanael Greene from the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park along withdepictions of the four seasons.

Proudfamily members of the artists such as David and Mae Brown attended theunveiling. They happily took pictures with their great granddaughter’s statuethat will be present for a very long time.

Presidentof Wrangler, Phil McAdams, announced their next Jeansboro day will be on Oct.19 at the Wrangler Building.