Jeff and Cindy Barbour

by Brian Clarey

With less than a week to go before Valentine’s Day we feature on Page Three one of the best-looking couples we know, Jeff and Cindy Barbour. Sharp-eyed and loyal readers will remember Jeff from our very first issue when we profiled him and his artwork at Sungun Studio ‘— Jeff’s one of the most talented sculptors in town. His wife Cindy owns Wisteria Salon, which she says will be moving to Elm Street in April. The two met when Jeff was an ’80s rock star in the band No Reason to Hate and Cindy was a go-go dancer. Today they have two children, Michael, 13, and Maddie, 10, and as their businesses and their family grow they give us all an example of what Happily Ever After looks like in black and white. Happy Valentine’s Day from YES! Weekly.