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Jill JacksonÕs HollywoodHOLLYWOOD … Tobey Maguireclimbs off the bicycle that he rides abouttown, andgets into aracing carfor his nextpix, titledThe Limit.This basedon the bookby MichaelCannellabout GrandPrix driversPhil Hill andWolfgangvon Trips,who are reallifefriendsand rivalson the Ferrari team in 1961. Maguire hasgone on record as saying he more andmore wants to go into producing, whichdefinitely means less acting. So, as theFrench say, “Chacûn a son Go t.”Mary Steenburgen is one busy actress,with two projects in the works. One forthe big screen, Did You Hear About theMorgans? with Hugh Grant and SarahJessica Parker, and a comedy pilot forthe small one titled “Happiness Isn’tEverything” with Richard Dreyfuss.All this, and a happy marriage to TedDanson in real life. … Kathy Bates has joinedSandra Bullock in “Blind Side.” This a “sportsdramedy” based on the best-selling novelThe Blind Side: Evolution of the Game.I’m always thinking about who remindsme of whom. Maybe you do too. Anyway.Harrison Ford and Richard Gere, AlPacino and Robert De Niro, DustinHoffman and Robin Williams are some.I don’t know whether you caught a TVshow naming the 20 sexiest actresses of alltime, with Marilyn Monroe coming out“numero uno.” Which brought to mind, whyhasn’t there been one naming the mostbeautiful feminine face of all time? If thereis, surely it will be either Elizabeth Taylor orGreta Garbo. And, in re Garbo, my mentorFrances Marion wrote many of her moviesand also was a close friend. Garbo was aconstant visitor, and because Frances had aSwedish cook, the great Garbo spent muchtime in her kitchen. Frances always saidGarbo had the “most gorgeous face she hadever seen, and the biggest feet!”Will Ferrell’s “One Man Show” was a bigsuccess on Broadway, and now he is goinginto “West Side Story.” One of my favoritesongs is “Maria” from this musical, andwhen he sang it for David Letterman on arecent “Late Show,” he “almost knocked myteeth out.” It was so great!It’s going to be a big one for Al Pacino.He’s set to play Napoleon in the screenadaptation of the book “Betsy and theEmperor.” No other cast members have beenannounced at this writing.How’s this for a plot? It’s the film starringChris Rock, Tracy Morgan and ZoeSaldana. The title is Death at a Funeral andit’s about a dysfunctional family that comestogether for the funeral of their patriarch.Chaos ensues when deep, dark secrets arethreatened to be exposed by a man whoappears and claims to be the gay lover of thefamily’s much-respected deceased.***BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Clark Gable not onlywas one of the screen’s greatest. He was alsoa great American, receiving several medalsfor bombing missions during World War II…. It is a sad Liam Neeson who has returnedto work after the death of his belovedNatasha. … And Gable also lost a love whenCarole Lombard was killed in a plane crash…. There’s a new series in the works titled“Films that Changed the World.” Shouldbe great. … And once again it’s quiet in the‘hood. No Lindsay, Britney or Paris howlingsthis week.Copyright 2009 King Features Syndicate